97 SeaDoo GTX, 2 beeps, no start

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Have performed advanced diagnostic, 2 short beeps, will not start. Ski was working, kids shut it off out on the lake, went to restart, got nothing. yesterday couldn't even get any beeps, now getting 2 beeps. Using advanced self diagnostic mode pressing start/stop 5 times I get one short and one long beep, install safety lanyard and pressed start/stop again, 2 short beeps, no start.

Cleaned terminals on lanyard, all gauges activate, red light warning comes on for a second or two and then goes off. No clicks on pushing start, nothing, no sound at all.

Put lanyard safety cap on, get 2 beeps, push start, get nothing.

Just bought these 2 used last week.

Any suggestions?

well... either the solenoid or the starter has given up.

Jump across the terminals of the solenoid to check the starter. If you get sparks, and nothing else... rebuild/replace the starter. If it does crank, replace the solenoid.
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