1. CrazyJoe

    After Market Mpem's Info.

    I read many forum's but once people fix their issues they don't follow up on it worked out or any details on any other issues they worked out. So I am sharing my experience . My issue when I bought a used 1996 sea-doo GTI 717 5865 . I own a lakehouse so I have a advantage of trial and error...
  2. A

    nothing happens when I attach lanyard/DESS

    Hello guys, I’ve got a seadoo RXP from 2004. A few months ago a very weird problem showed up. When I put the DESS on the DESS-post, literally nothing happens. No bleep, no “seadoo” on the screen. Just like the battery is disconnected. And sometimes, when I leave the key on the post, after a...

    2001 challenger lanyard needed

    Hi folks, I just bought a 2001 Sea Doo Challenger 1800 yesterday and it only needs one thing. The lanyard switch cap. I have looked around on ebay and Amazon but they just say Sea Doo I have not seen anything specific about the Challenger or year. Could someone help me out on this one with a...
  4. F

    2004 Seadoo GTI RFI

    Howdy, I have an '04 GTI RFI that ran great, parked it on shore and went back to start it and when I attached lanyard I got a variety of beeps and then nothing except for a click on the ignitiion relay. Each time I put the lanyard on, it (ignition relay) clicks one time then nothing else...
  5. K

    Beeps without the lanyard

    I've searched for answers for the past two weeks and can't find anything. MY 2005 SEADOO GTX SC BEEPS WITHOUT THE KEY ON THE DESS!!!!!! I've disconnected the connector that leads to the DESS and the start/stop switch, and the ski still beeps, AND the instrument cluster turns on. ALSO, the TOPS...
  6. Fire3456

    MSD Enhancer/Rev Limiter/Lanyard

    I read on another site that you could use a generic lanyard if you used a MSD Enhancer in your MPEM. I'm far from a motor head but know a little bit. I put a rev limiter on my Sea Doo 96' XP a few years back. Is that the same as a MSD Enhancer? Or am I way off? Is there really a way...
  7. bodine465

    96 GTX stalling. Possible DESS issue?

    Picked up a clean 96 GTX with a torn apart engine a couple years back for dirt cheap. Rebuilt the engine, replaced the corroded carbs with a set off Ebay, which I went through & cleaned. Replaced the gray fuel lines. Needed a new lanyard, which was programmed at the dealer. Finished near the end...
  8. K

    Sea Doo 1997 XP starting problem

    Im a new member. Love the site so far. I have a fantastic 1997 Sea Doo XP that is currently starting and running fine. My problem is that sometimes when I'm out riding and park it floating in the water for a half an hour for a beer or something and it wont start. It happened two...
  9. T

    GTX won't start or beep with key

    So I got my first seadoo last week, a 1997 GTX. It won't beep or start with the lanyard. The gauges will come on when I press the start button. It will beep when I push the start button a short beep and a long beep. But when I put the lanyard on and off nothing happens with the original key and...
  10. J

    1997 XP no beep

    Hi, I was riding the sea doo the other day and all of a sudden it shut off. I removed and replaced the lanyard, nothing no beep no start, the gauges didn't even flicker. After towing it back, I checked the fuses, they were fine. When I try and jump the solenoid I don't even get a spark let alone...
  11. L

    DESS problem :(

    So I have the same problem with my 97 XP as alot of other people have with the lanyard, It just shuts off when I am riding it as if I have disconnected the lanyard. And sometimes when it shuts off it will beep twice as if I have disconnected the lanyard and reconnected it, and sometimes it won't...
  12. D

    97 SeaDoo GTX, 2 beeps, no start

    Have performed advanced diagnostic, 2 short beeps, will not start. Ski was working, kids shut it off out on the lake, went to restart, got nothing. yesterday couldn't even get any beeps, now getting 2 beeps. Using advanced self diagnostic mode pressing start/stop 5 times I get one short and...
  13. D

    GTX 4tec 2003: beeps and start without lanyard

    I there, I have a GTX 4-tec 2003 and it's beep (4times) and starts like if the lanyard is in but it's not. I clean the lanyard post to make sure there's no moisture or sea salt that could make a short. Someone also told me it could be a battery problem. I change my battery for a new one...
  14. thejacksonkid910

    96 xp wont start

    the ski will not start although if i jump the starter it does turn at a normal rate. i was wondering how to test the starter relay because i know if thats not the problem then it is most likely the safety lanyard. thanks for the help. -alex
  15. C

    DESS Not working Properly

    I am trying to figure out if I have a DESS problem, MPEM problem or maybe just a bad wiring. 1999 Challenger 1800 twin 787's Boat will start, and runs great. I do not have the speedo, or the fuel gauge when I start and runt he engines. Low oil light works, so I know that its not the...
  16. G

    97 SPX MPEM and lanyard switch Q

    I am suspecting my MPEM is dead but I am still holding out some hope that I don’t have to spend $$$$ to get a new one. I bought the boat used and it ran fine on the lake during trials. Get it home in the drivewayand had trouble starting it with an inability to get the 2 beep code(was...