1. D

    Pressure of jet stream

    One of the reasons I decided to go with a jet propulsion system over a outboard impeller system is because of safety. Which lead me to wonder, how safe is it if someone falls off the back while the boat is moving in the water and gets hit by the stream of water coming out the back? Is the PSI...
  2. C

    Wheel lock ideas...

    Has anyone made their own trailer wheel lock at home depot/ hardware store? There has got to be a cheaper way than ordering one online or buying one locally... Thanks in advance!
  3. D

    97 SeaDoo GTX, 2 beeps, no start

    Have performed advanced diagnostic, 2 short beeps, will not start. Ski was working, kids shut it off out on the lake, went to restart, got nothing. yesterday couldn't even get any beeps, now getting 2 beeps. Using advanced self diagnostic mode pressing start/stop 5 times I get one short and...
  4. thejacksonkid910

    96 xp wont start

    the ski will not start although if i jump the starter it does turn at a normal rate. i was wondering how to test the starter relay because i know if thats not the problem then it is most likely the safety lanyard. thanks for the help. -alex
  5. Y

    any downsides to owning 1 new 150 speedster?

    Hi All, I'm thinking about buying a new 150 speedster but I have no experience with jet propulsion boats. (I have lots of experience with outboards from 13' to 30'). My intended use is saltwater (west coast of FL) primarily for my teenagers to learn how to handle a power boat, pull each other...