Pressure of jet stream

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One of the reasons I decided to go with a jet propulsion system over a outboard impeller system is because of safety.

Which lead me to wonder, how safe is it if someone falls off the back while the boat is moving in the water and gets hit by the stream of water coming out the back?

Is the PSI of the water high enough to damage skin?

I tried to google around, but couldn't really find a clear answer...


PS: I have a 97 Sportster, single engine seadoo short block
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Yes and no.

If you are at speed... and someone rolls off the back.... NO... they will not get hurt from the nozzle pressure. The reason is... the boat will be moving away fast. They are more likely to have injurys from bouncing off the fiberglass hull, and hitting the water.

But... if someone decided they need an enema... or to try to drink from the nozzle thrust... yes... it will hurt.

FYI... Polaris was sued in the mid 2000's because some girl decided to get freaky with the nozzle of the jetski, and rip her rectum open.

So... short of being STUPID... it's 100% safe.
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