Wheel lock ideas...

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Has anyone made their own trailer wheel lock at home depot/ hardware store? There has got to be a cheaper way than ordering one online or buying one locally... Thanks in advance!
I bought a nice cheap plastic wheel chock from harbor freight for like 5 bucks. Came in a set of 2. They are great. They no longer carry the same ones, but they have a set of 2 folding metal ones that pop open for $10.
Lol... Those were some interesting responses, I guess I should have been more detailed. The wheel lock Im asking about is to prevent someone from driving off with my trailer and seadoo! I was thinking about running a chain through a hole in the rim, then around the frame of the trailer and locking it. Not a lug nut lock... Or a brick hahaha. I just want to "discourage" someone from trying to steal my stuff should I have it up at the cabin, and it must stay out doors. I realize that if someone REALLY wanted to steal my seadoo, they could... I just want to make it the $#its for them if they try.
I use a bike cable lock (with built-in custom settable combo lock). I run it thru a wheel and aroung the frame... you might get 10 feet before it wraps up and stops the wheel from turning any further. The cable would be VERY difficult to cut thru, nothing short of a torch or heavy HEAVY duty cable cutters could cut it. I believe it's 1/2" diameter cable with a smokey vinyl cover. Walmart sold them in back where the bicycles are. It gives me pretty good peace of mind, that I have a keyed hitch lock to prevent the hitch from being opened. Oh and a security camera on my carport, with a DVR recorder running 24x7.

- Michael
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