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  • BMANN06 - I have a 98 GTX RFI that I purchased last summer and did a complete motor rebuild. Upon break-in the motor develops a bog after about 20 minutes - kinda like a limp mode. This happened each of the four times in the fall before putting away for the winter. Over the winter I replaced the rectifier with a beefed-up one from OSD. I am in need of a TPS reset and I am hesitant about going to the local dealer and to spend $100 plus another $65 for a new dess key. I am considering purchasing the CANDoo Pro since I figure I am a $150 min for the dealer to inspect. I see that you have one and was wondering if you can still recommend. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks Rob
    ok odd ball question for you, do you ever go boating on lake Champlain? i know there probably are a lot of boats like yours out there but i had to ask because i saw a boat like yours around a lot this year.. hope the winter isn't getting you down to much.....
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