96 hx w/ factory pipe - dazed and confused

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Hey just another newbie who needs help

I just purchased a factory pipe for my 96 hx 720 - I have stock carbs, with 130 mains and 75 pto jets, 1-1/2 needle and seat w/ 65 gram springs. The only after market parts are a Skat-Trak impeller - unsure of pitch and intake grate.

I have ordered a Micro Touch rev limiter, 140 main jets,, and 65 , 80, 95 gram springs.

There is so much conflicting information on how to tune the carbs, called factory pipe and they said that I will stick a piston if I use their settings for the carbs due AM impeller. S/w several mechanics and looked at a million diff online postings all w/ diffrenent specs. Can anybody help me with the jetting - where is a a safe place to start with the high/low turns. Which springs do you recommend and what RPM's should I set the rev limiter at. I cannot spend anymore money on this rebuild or me and my sled will be sleeping on the dock, wife pissed alreeady - oh yea forgot to mention that I had the jugs bored and honed w/ wsm coated pistons installed - not sure what overbore size but only bored enough for fresh rebuild not to radically alter compression. Ski runs at 48 mph (G.P.S) not sure of tach but I am hitting the rev limiter at this speed but I have a little throttle left ie if I back off throttle a fraction it begins to smooth out.

I really want the extra hp's the factory pipes add but do not want to rebuild an engine I just rebuilt. Just looking for a fun recreational ski - not a maintenance headache
When you put on a pipe... you can only tune it properly by riding it. It is impossible for us to give you tuning info.

Start with Factory Pipe's settings, and go from there.
i have a similar set up, if it helps at all my low speed jets have been drilled out quite a lot
the low speed adjustment is on 1 1/2 turns and the high speed are on 0. (which is stock but the jets are drilled)
I also have a high comp head, bullet fuel rail and a k&n filter so im not sure if it will be the same
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