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    97 XP Jetting & Elevations - What elevation range is stock jetting typically set for?

    What elevations is the stock jetting on a seadoo 787 xp with the BN-40i dual carbs rated for? I am trying to figure out where to start on proper jet sizing to get it tuned in. Compression is good on both cylinders. I'm used to jetting our 2 stroke motocross dirt bikes, this is my first jet...
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    96 hx w/ factory pipe - dazed and confused

    Hey just another newbie who needs help I just purchased a factory pipe for my 96 hx 720 - I have stock carbs, with 130 mains and 75 pto jets, 1-1/2 needle and seat w/ 65 gram springs. The only after market parts are a Skat-Trak impeller - unsure of pitch and intake grate. I have ordered a...
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    re jetting question

    i have decided to switch my 1995 gtx to premix it has a 657 engine my question is what size jetting do i need to switch to to accomodate for the oil