factory pipe

  1. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 weird oil leak

    Greetings and salutations to all. I got my factory piped 720 assembled and installed this past weekend. I dont have the necessary carbs yet however so its not 100%. I fired it a few times on starting fluid to show some of my buddies. Sadly I saw oil in the hull (this was after an engine out...
  2. CreekerMike

    Seadoo 720 Factory Pipe Water Injection

    Greetings and salutations to all. I recently acquired two factory pipes for the 717/720. Planning on running one on my 95 XP project. Im pretty confident with the jetting/carb setup. But im a little fuzzy on the water injection setup. I have two manifolds. One has the ecwi solenoid and the...
  3. X


    Hey everybody, I have a 1995 seadoo xp 720, my motor is stock with rebuilt carbs and all fuel lines replaced etc. I am looking at buying a spec 2 factory pipe with the ECWI. I have heard a lot of things, about this pipe. -you can run stock just fine -need aftermarket flame arresters -need...
  4. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Monster 720 build w/FPP, too much HP for this prop

    Matt, chime in.. This is my current setup.. 1997 Seadoo SP with 720, Factory Performance pipe and ECWI Microtouch, WSM piston kit .75mm overbore, dual 44mm Super BN jetted at 132.5 low/120 high @ 20PSI pop-off,Mounted on Westcoast intake manifold, Ocean pro vortex filters, 150psi x2 , Solas...
  5. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Carb tuning issues with a 720

    Current build...... 1995 XP 720, Bored 1.5mm, Pro-X pistons, Factory Performance Pipe without ECWI, dual 40mm carbs 140/75 jets, 40-ish pop-off, stock airbox. Motor is complete rebuilt all new gaskets and orings. Compression 150psi both cylinders. Rotary valve timed exact. Skip the grey fuel...
  6. Rodslinger142

    WTB: Seadoo 800 Factory Pipe Spec II headpipe

    I am looking for a Seadoo 800 Factory Pipe Headpipe. Mine has cracked and it has already been welded twice. I will also take a Spec I headpipe, if some has one of those. I will also consider buying a complete exhaust system (Spec I or SPec II), if the price is reasonable. Thanks!
  7. M

    Switching back to stock exhaust from Factory Pipe

    Are the any electronics to consider when removing a factory pipe? I noticed the rev control solenoid wire was hooked-up in the electronics box. Is the a special computer to reinstall for a switch from FP to stock exhaust system?
  8. P

    Wtb: Factory pipe exhaust for seadoo challenger with a 800 engine

    Looking for a factory pipe for a seadoo challenger with a 800 engine. I'm in NJ if anyone nearby has one. Thanks
  9. V

    96 hx w/ factory pipe - dazed and confused

    Hey just another newbie who needs help I just purchased a factory pipe for my 96 hx 720 - I have stock carbs, with 130 mains and 75 pto jets, 1-1/2 needle and seat w/ 65 gram springs. The only after market parts are a Skat-Trak impeller - unsure of pitch and intake grate. I have ordered a...