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Hey everybody, I have a 1995 seadoo xp 720, my motor is stock with rebuilt carbs and all fuel lines replaced etc. I am looking at buying a spec 2 factory pipe with the ECWI.

I have heard a lot of things, about this pipe.
-you can run stock just fine
-need aftermarket flame arresters
-need bigger jets
- need bigger jet on pro side carb to not burn down rear cylinder

what is THE BEST setup to run with a factory pipe spec 2 for OPTIMAL RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE. 350D4A28-D825-446B-99DC-A8E3506C306D.jpeg
You will absolutely need to rejet for the FPP Spec 2, and you’d probably be better off moving to a set of 40mm carbs off of a 787 ski. For the carbs you have now, Factory recommends the jetting below. This is for a stock engine with an OEM air box on it, and any additional modifications will require changes from here. You’ll have to really keep an eye on the plugs, and keep a couple of larger sized jets handy in case you need to bump up or go bigger on the PTO carb.

Main: 140
Pilot: 70
HS Screw: 1/4 turn out
LS Screw: 1 turn out
Needle/Seat: 1.2 with 65g spring
Popoff: 44psi
Actually hold off. I’m only seeing one pipe for the 717. I can’t remember whether they had a spec 1 and 2 for that motor, or if it was just the 787’s that they had two options for... Maybe @Matt Braley can enlighten us on that...
There are only XP and HX versions of the 720 pipe and the difference is in the chamber. Beware of the early chambers with only a 34mm outlet, you need a 38mm outlet to the waterbox. Run stock 96 787 carbs with the stock air box.

Here’s a pic of the one I might buy, guy says he bought a 95 XP with this on it and he didn’t want it so he took it off and is now selling it. Does this look correct ? Not sure how to tell
There is no Spec 1 and Spec 2 in 717 pipes, only 787 pipes. The early chambers of 717 pipes were recalled back in the day because they blew up engines regardless of what you did. Obviously I can't tell from here if that's 34 or 38mm. I can tell the support bracket that mounts to the flywheel cover is not there. Most importantly the Microtouch rev limiter/water controller is not there. Those things are needed or that is a 100 dollar pile of parts. With the missing parts it's worth 300 shipped.
He told me he will throw in the micro touch and all the other parts needed for 300 shipped , I’m going to ask him to measure the outlet
Quick question for anyone regarding the Factory Pipe. I bought and installed one in my 1995 HX back in 1996, and I loved it. Fast forward to 2021 and I'm seeing all the used Factory Pipes on eBay and I was able to find an abandoned HX that I'm fixing up to ride again. What is missing from these nearly a dozen different listings I've seen for these pipes is the rev limiter, just the hardware. I really know nothing about this setup beyond riding, but is that Microtouch rev limiter necessary and does anyone out there know of a potential replacement or workaround that could be acquired today? TY in advance!!!!
Mt revlimiter and water injection are necessary. Carbs off a 96 xp are jetted perfectly and are plug and play with the factory airbox
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