1995 XP 800 Factory pipe help

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Ive got a 95 XP 800, i bought the hull from someone who got it at an auction who was gonna put an engine and stuff from a wrecked 99 spx into it.
So i ended up getting an empty hull and an engine with lot's of parts to put this thing together.

Got it all together, but im stumped with tuning because it has alot of aftermarket parts. I have three stock 96 XPs.
Anyway this one has a Factory Spec 2 exhaust pipe, a Buckshot head, and came with some cheap aftermarket flame arrestors. Has about 152/155 compression (with carbs off)

Im hoping I can just go back to the stock airbox if possible to avoid water intrusion issues.

Anyway the carbs from the previous owner had 70 jets, 2.0n/s and stock mains (150 and 152.5) and what i believe were the 65 gram springs.
I was told to maybe jump from 70 to 75.
Right now popoff is about 18-20psi.

There is no water injection setup etc.

Being that this has this performance pipe in just weary in getting it tuned and what gas to use.
I usually run non-oxy 91 in all my machines. Not sure if thatll be good enough.


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