2006 Challenger 4-Tech 1503 Need help for locking crankshaft and cam

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Hi, i am trying to lock the crankshaft and camshaft as i want to open the whole engine for cleaning.
I think i foud the TDC of the Piston 3.
The only thing is that the camshaft lock only goes about 2 inch Inside the hole.
Is that normal ?
Could crankcase and cameshaft could be both locked at the same time.

Please note i removed the chain after the both where locked.

Thanks You


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You can see the flat spot on the camshaft if you take the tool out and it does not go in very far, just rests on the flat spot on the cam and will drop into place as the cam rotates.

You can also see the indent on the crank lobe looking through the hole with a flashlight for locking the crank. It looks like you have everything correct but I wouldn't worry about it if you are taking everything apart but will have to be reset when you assemble.
When looking at the locking hole using flashligt saw no hole. Moved the cranckshaft flyweel and finally saw the hole opening.
Was able to put the lock tool in... it is only going like 2 inchs in... The tool is about 5 inchs long...
After putting the tool i putted the crankshaft lock in place.. Wile screwing the tool i found it toutching someting in place.
Try to moved the shaft again and did'nt move seam well locked in place.

So now can i put the engine updside down to open the crankcase and clean everything ? I will not rotate the crank.

After this if i put back the cranckcase cover, the timing gear and the chain, lock the chain, do i will need to readjust the timing ?

I means guy, i if dont rotate the cam or crank will it be safe to reput the chain and guess my timing will be kept unmodified ?
Once the timing gear is removed, the timing will have to be reset. The final adjustment is in the timing gear itself and as you look at it you'll see the 3 holes are actually ovals to allow for adjustment. A few degrees of timing change can make a big difference it how it runs but setting the timing is simple, it seems you are way too concerned about this. Just read the manual, very simple to follow but fee free to ask questions.

The crank locking tool should have a blunt point which will go into the recess on the crank lobe and hold is securely as you screw down onto it. It sounds like you have it properly locked in place.
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