2004 Seadoo RXP Timing Chain Alignment

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I am rebuilding a 2004 4 tec and have the cam locked and the crank locked at TDC with the locking tools. I install the camshaft sprocket
and can not get the timing marks "1503" parallel with the top of the head. One tooth either direction is way off.
The chain tensioners only make a small difference and the marks are still off with them installed. Is this correct. I rotated the motor slow
and there are no clearance issues.

The picture is with crank and cam locked.


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The marks are only there for reference. It is not important to have them level, it is only important for you to have the cam and crank tools locked. In situations like you have, you will find that you will have two positions (one cocked left, one cocked right) where you can insert the cam bolts, but you will find one will generally bind a little, the other will allow you to put the bolts in easily.

Those marks are there to get you in the right spot to put in the cam bolts, and for the cam sensor, which the ECU interprets with a lot of slop. It just lets the ECU know what cylinder it is firing.
Sea Dood is right. As long as the locking pins are in and you can install the 3 bolts without binding, you're good to go. You should be following the shop manual.

From the 2004 shop manual:
NOTE: There can be 2 different positions to install
the timing gear on the camshaft. Basically both
positions are working well, since the camshaft and
crankshaft are locked in their proper position. Due
to some tolerances, there could be one position
which fits better than the other one. To check this,
perform the following test.
Check if screws are still loose. If screws are
squeezed by the timing gear, remove the chain
tensioner again and rotate timing gear by one
tooth clockwise. Then install the chain tensioner

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