4-Tec 1503 Need advise beore going furte on motor repair

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Hi everyone,
My supercharger gear broken.
I had to move the motor Inside ma garage.
I removed the PTO cover and found the double gear missing teats.
I will change the gear and clean all the oil pump.

Now i what to clean the whole engine.
I got the 2 sea doo locking tool.

I found the TDC of piston 3 and putted the lock tool.
Was able to unscrew the bolt of the gear on the flyweal.

I removed the valve cover, chain tansionner and was able to remove the chain and chain gear from the camshaft

My next step is to remove the block head.

Do i need to lock the camshaft in place before going further on...
The camshaft lock tool don't seams to push in.. only a inche goes in and the tool is 5 inchs long ?

I really what advise as i wont **** my timing

Thanks you !
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just unbolt the head and remove it. you don't need to take the camshaft out unless you just want to but then you will need new rocker arm stretch bolts.

all you have to do is flip the engine over and split the block halves and clean out the bottom oil passages out. then reassemble with new stretch bolts where needed. I wouldn't worry too much about the head, it doesn't have to be removed unless you want to but you'll need a new head gasket.
Thanks you !
If i what to flip the engine over to split the bottom ( crankcase ) to clean out all here i need to remove the head to do not broke the cam / rocker right ?

Also if i dont want to break the timing, if the crankshaft and camshaft are locked with the 2 tool, all i have to do is not move then and put back in place the chain right ?

Is it a good idea to use an impact tool do unscrew the head strech screw ?
you don't even need to remove the head to split the lower block. the only reason to remove the head is to inspect the piston/cylinder walls. there won't be anything to clean but if it makes you feel better it won't hurt but will only cost you an expensive new head gasket.

timing is fine as long as the cam and crank are at TDC with the locking tools. you sound too concerned about timing, just don't rotate the engine with the timing chain removed. this will need to be set when reassembling.

impacts aren't recommended but I use them but I've done more than a few.
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