water in engine

  1. O

    Water in block and drain leak

    So i bought a 1997 Seadoo challenger on Sunday and it is my first boat ever... Hurrayy!!!!! When i got there the guy connected the hose and started it up and it ran just fine. I took it out yesterday and the boat was very boggy and within a minute of putting it in the water, water was leaking...
  2. Michael Haveman

    787 RFI drinking oil.

    I had my seadoo 3d 787 RFI out last weekend and it filled up with water, engine included. I pulled the plugs and blew out the water. I got it running again but now the oil is pumping in like crazy with white smoke coming out heavy from the exhaust. Am I in to replace the whole oil pump or could...
  3. K

    Water in engine help!!!!

    I recently purchased a 98 GXTL. When I bought it the owner said he previously had it out in the begining of the year and when he went to sell it, it wouldn't start. So after buying it I removed the plugs and water shot out with oil so I completely emptied all the water out and removed the...
  4. B

    No spark

    Hey everyone, Been awhile since I've been on. Just recently came up with a prob on a 1997 gtx. We recently took it out I storage and it fired up and ran a little rough. Now it doesn't have spark at all. When it was done we ran too much water from the hose and it got into the cylinders. We...
  5. B

    Forgot Plugs and Engine Filled With Water

    I have a Seadoo Wake 215 - 2008. 1 of the plugs was out when came out in the morning, and my Seadoo was much lower in the water than normal. I cranked it over and it didn't start. There was water inside of the motor. I took it out of the water and drained it. Then I removed the spark...
  6. D

    Water In engine compartment

    I took my 1997 GTS in for service this spring, but its 150 miles away. Water appears to be filling the compartment but there are no hull leaks. What could cause water coming in from the cooling system to get out into the compartment? Could the hoses be connected wrong?
  7. N

    2002 gtx water in cylinders

    I have 2002 gtx 4 tec sea doo I am getting water in engine I jest bought it it started up fine but when I put the hose on it and ran it after shutting the motor off the motor hydro locked and would not restart I was abel to get all of the water out of the cylinders and re start it without the...
  8. M

    Need Help with 09 RXP's

    Ok, long story short i do not know much about jet skis but here we go. My ol' ladys cousin has two 2009 sea doo RXP 255's. He bought them at the end of last season. Both machines will not start. I dont think he winterized them and being that hes not the most mechanically inclined i fear he...
  9. D

    Air Inlet upgrade on 99 XPL to 2000 - Technical Assistance

    Hi Seadooforum gurus, I'm about to put a deposit on a 1999 XP Limited and have been advised of an important upgrade the 2000 XP Limited got. The pool hose looking inlets went from the front of the hood (hinged side) to just in front of the seat. I've heard of a few guys in the USA that have...
  10. C

    Cooling system squirting water into engine compartment

    Just got a 1996 Challenger. Today it suddenly lost power. I popped the engine cover and noticed that the snap on cover with the red circle in the middle at the furthest back position that comes out of what appears to be a small compression tank is leaking/squirting water (there are three of...
  11. S

    2004 4tec Water In Cylinders

    Son connected water hose to start while on trailer. turned water on prior to starting Sea Doo. Caused water to go into engine. I have pulled plugs out and turned engine over to get water out. Want to change the oil & filter. How do you get to the drain plug and filter??Is there a repair manual...