utopia 205

  1. E

    2009 Seadoo Utopia Winterization

    Hi all, I have a new to me 2009 seadoo utopia and I need to winterize it. It has twin rotax 155hp. Looking for some pointers on the best way to winterize as I have never done this before.
  2. Skidoorider1991

    Poppy cover utopia 205 in water use

    Does anyone have experience using the poppy cover while it’s at a dock. I know the covers are great and my snap cover is just about done. Can’t find anything on here about putting them on and off at the dock. Thank You
  3. ed8widge

    need guidance , no power continuous beep after I hit 3000 rpm

    Hi, guys first-time post here. I have a Utopia 2001 with mercury engine 2 strokes, I never had issues for 2 years until this fall. The engine started with no hesitation, run smoothly in water until I accelerate pass 3000 rpm. When I pass 3000 Engine lost power and start a continuous...
  4. R

    2004 Utopia 205 Optimax Pump Refresh

    I am the original owner of a 2004 Utopia 205 with the 250hp Optimax. The pump has been cavitating for quite a while and pulling skiers is a challenge (not a lot of torq and lots of cavitation). I suspect that it's time for a rebuild. Doing a bit of research, there is not a replaceable wear...
  5. J

    2003 Utopia 185 200 Hp Merc Optimax vs. 2004 Utopia 205 250 hp

    Hi All, I am sure everyone will tell me this type of questions is already in forum but this is my first time here and hoping to get some good experienced Utopia boaters to help me. Looked at lots of bowriders but now thinking jetboat might be more fun and easier in and out of water, etc...
  6. ID62

    Rebuild of the intake clearing system at a 205 Utopia (year 2006)

    This is a modification of the intake grates at a 2006 Utopia 205. The original system never worked 100% properly so I made a new drive with an electrical cylinder. The whole wiring is original, only the V.T.S assembly and the weed-less grate module have been removed. Function is now controlled...
  7. grivera

    Back "hood" stuck on my Utopia 205.

    New to the forum and first time boater. Just got a 2004 Utopia 205 Merc. 240 EFI. Its been running great my first 3 times in the water. Steeped outside to check the boat before taking her out tomorrow and the back "hood" wont open. The latch unlocks but as I pull up it gets stuck. Anyone had...
  8. skyhighdiver

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP Uned 2 weeks end of season then took off when I sold the boat in spring. Came off my utopia 205 $200 or best offer it was 365.00 new Can email me and I will contact you as I dont always check the forum...
  9. S

    2005 Utopia 205 won't crank

    I've searched this forum and asked Mr. Google, but found nothing that resembles this issue, so forgive me if I missed this being asked and answered. I have a 2005 Utopia 205 witha an Optimax 250HP engine that suddenly won't crank. It had run just fine with not so much as a hint of a starting...
  10. UKGlenn

    Summer Fun In Spain

  11. skyhighdiver

    2002 Utopia 205 very rich and smokey

    Ok I have had my 205 4 3 years now and love her but this year she is choking me out I thought maybe it was just the old winter gas and oil in from winter but now have run 2 tanks through, as well as installed new plugs and port side senser still seems to run very rich to the point many...
  12. M

    2004 Utopia 205 rear seat cushions replacement

    The rear seat cushions in my 2004 Utopia 205 are cracked and admit water now. The parts catalog shows them as "obsolete" and can't be ordered. Meanwhile, the same cushions for the 2005 version are available, with a different parts number. They look the same in the schematic, but when I talked...
  13. skyhighdiver

    steering cable 2001 utopia 205

    HELP PLEASE 2002 utopia 205 Ok got my steering cable changed 5 hrs. Out 1hr back in bought this tool which made a world of difference on getting to the rear cable nut tight up by pump Found directions on adjusting the rear cable on the nozzle end but could not find anything on the front end by...
  14. A

    Hard to Shift/Throttle on 2002 Utopia 205

    Hi, my 2002 Utopia 205 is getting harder and harder to shift into gear and throttle up. It gets worse as it gets colder outside. This has been ongoing for years. When the reverse gate is up and I throttle up I can feel the cable grinding a bit. Looking for advice. Is there a way to...
  15. D

    2003 Utopia 205 - Merc 240 Won't Start

    Hi All, I've got a 2003 Sea-Doo Utopia 205 with the Mercury 240 EFI. I've had this boat for 7 years and it has run well up to this point... Took it out this past weekend and was about 100 yards out and running at no wake speed when the engine died. Engine would crank but would not fire up...