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  1. stingray4me

    Just re uphoslstered my 95 sportster seats

    Here's some pictures of my seat job. I was able to buy just purple parts that were in bad shape since I bought the boat a decade ago. Got the pieces for $190 with shipping off ebay. I used 3/8" staples with a $20 electric stapler from harbor freight. I didn't do the front upper portion yet...
  2. Babounsky

    2003 Sportster 155 4-tec help

    HI, I owned a 2003 Sportster 4-tec and I need help. At my last ride Everything runs great and at the end the boat has made a little ''bang'' and it has stop one shot. I know I don't hit the bottom of the lake. After the boat don't go faster than 10 or 15 mph but the rpm still goes to the top...
  3. BoyzFunBoat

    How to remove bolts on lower rear seat of 2005 Sportster?

    On a 2005 Sportster, how to you reach the two bow facing seat bolts that secure the bottom section of rear seat to the hull? These are screws #3 and #4 in my pictures. I can stand on my head in the engine compartment and reach #1 and #2, but using a 12" ratchet handle, the the others are about 4...
  4. phinchcliff

    FOR SALE Never Used SBT Reman 657x Motor and Assembly Parts

    Motor was supposed to go into a 95 Speedster and all the assembly parts were taken from the boat. The reman core has never been started and was purchased with the SBT complete gasket kit and break-in oil that will come with it. Still have all original purchase reciepts as well, however, the core...
  5. Canadian Watchmaker

    Recommendations for inspecting 2005 Sportster LE DI

    Hello, I'm still in the market for a good deal on a Sportster or Challenger. Since it is winter here in Orillia, Ontario Canada I may find some off season deals. Unfortunately, since it is winter, I can't water test a boat. Any suggestions on what things to look for / ask about when buying a...
  6. BoyzFunBoat

    Seizing in first hour after top end rebuild - 2005 Sea Doo Sportster Le DI ROTAX 947, 2-stroke

    My 2005 Sea Doo Sportster Le DI has about 175 hours. It's ROTAX 947, 2-stroke direct injection engine. I'm the 3rd owner, it had 149 hours when I purchased it last year. I've always used Sea-Doo brand XP-S 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil. When I purchased it, I had a new impellor and wear ring...
  7. Seadoosam

    Anyone have GPH numbers for a Sportster Le (951)?

    I saw the thread with all the graphs of GPH at WOT but what is the GPH at say 30 mph (5500-6000 rpm) ? We usually cruise at 30 so just wondering if anyone has data.
  8. D

    98 Sportster 1800 twin no tach

    Hello everyone, I just bought my first boat. A 98 sporster 1800 twin 717 I noticed it has the mpem bypass and that tach does not work. Does anyone know if I can wire them up directly to the coil + output? I am sure this has been done before, I dont want to test by trial and error and...
  9. shendricks25

    96 Seadoo Sportster 717 Crankcase Leak?

    Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie. This is my first time posting and owning a boat. I purchased a 1996 Seadoo Sportster with the 717 motor after being told it only needed a shifter cable. I replaced it myself thanks to SBT. When I put it in the water, it ran like like a champ for about 30 minutes, then...
  10. T

    95 sportster engine swap

    Just bought a 95 sportster, single 657(don't know the exact size but that sounds close enough) for $100. I have a good 787 in a 97gtx in my shop. Does anyone know if the 787 will fit in the sportster? The gtx hull is destroyed before anyone asks, and I will find out if the 657 is good in the...
  11. Now Bro

    Intake grate repair

    Has anyone tried to repair a damaged intake grate? 2005 sportster 155. I sucked up my rope and it broke both arms of grate at rear. It is still bolted in front, but 2 rear pieces are off kilter.
  12. B

    2004 Sportster 4-tec 155hp lookin for rear exhaust hose

    Hi all, I ran into some weeds and had an overheating incident last fall with my boat. This caused some damage to some of the exhaust hoses. Sea-doo does not make the rear exhaust hose anymore so the place I take my boat for service is having problems finding one. I've tried some searches on...
  13. H

    Blown pistonon SBT rebuild

    Bought an SBT rebuilt 155 hp rotax 4tec for my 2003 Sportster last year. With less than 20 hours on the engine the number 2 piston disintegrated. Put a scope in the spark plug hole and all we saw was connecting rod with pieces of aluminum in the pan. Any one else having problems with pistons...
  14. jaybird

    ****Trouble with 2006 Sea Doo Sportster 4-tec NON-Supercharged****

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to the whole boating scene entirely. I just bought me a 2006 Sea Doo Sportster 4-tec. I tried to do all the research I could in order to make a good buy. Tested it out, ran it for more than 30 minutes on the water. The guy admited to the RPM gauge...
  15. D

    2003 Sportster 4-Tec Not Turning Over

    Okay so I've been trying to get my boat running and seem to be running into some problems. Unfortunately, I did not follow all the recommended procedures required before not using the boat for 8 months. I live in Florida, so I thought that I didn't have to worry too much about "Winterizing" the...
  16. bdstain

    2004 Sportster 4Tec - replacement fuel cap?

    I was filling up at the local marina over the weekend, they knocked my fuel cap into the harbor (broke the chain). They provided me with a "replacement" that was the right size but wrong threads. I didn't think it was a big deal to get a replacement cap but looks like its expensive because Sea...
  17. D

    97 Sportster Electrical switches replacement

    Hello everyone, first off, thanks for all the wealth of information that you have all complied on this site. It has helped me tremendously to familiarize myself with my first boat. I am looking to replace the switch for the lights and the switch for the bilge pump. The light switch only goes...
  18. D

    Is this a Reverse cable or a steering cable?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Just bought a 1997 sportster. I got an extra cable along with it that I need help identifying... Is this a reverse cable or a steering cable?
  19. seadoosportster2002

    2002 Sea Doo Sportster Clanking Sound?

    Recently purchased a 2002 Sea Doo Sportster LE jet boat with the 947 Rotax motor and my third time on the lake (after about an hour and a half of riding around) I started to hear a "clanking sound". Videos: Start up sound without water:
  20. R

    WTB 2006 or same model boat seat.

    I was boating one day and somehow one of my back seat cushions flew out and I didn't see. Wanting to buy just the back rest if possible but will buy the whole seat if need be. (NOT THE SEAT COVER, THE WHOLE SEAT)