1. winn

    1997 Seadoo Sportster Rough Idle/sputtering and dies when i open throttle.

    I recently purchased a 1997 Seadoo Sporster and it is cosmetically in rough condition. But started fine. I got it in the water and it started normally and idled great, but I found out the wear ring needed to be replaced when RPM’s were normal but had low acceleration and speed. Got that done and...
  2. Nike12000

    04 Sportster Boarding step?

    Hey all I have an 04 sportster 4 tec and I am looking for the boarding ladder. These things seem to be impossible to find anymore. I have a fabricator locally willing to make me one but ask if I could try and get some of the specs off of the old one. If anyone still has one of these on your boat...
  3. P

    Direct Injected RAVE Solenoid Alternatives

    Hello all you fellow DI engine operators. Broke a nipple off my rave Solenoid. Im aware the carb RAVE Solenoid is not compatible. I cannot find much in the way of used ones that dont end up in me being scammed. I have already tried alternative, vehicle, solenoids that shared the same connector...
  4. Mastapoole

    2005 Sportster 215 wont crank

    So I have a 2005 sportster that sat for years. I finally got it to my new home and so far ive put new fuel new battery and a new neutral switch. When I put the key on the post i get two beeps followed by a short pause then 4 quick beeps which I read online was the boat not knowing it was in...
  5. ShipFaced

    2003 Sportster 4-Tec Impeller

    Can anyone confirm this impeller will fit the 2003 model? Solas will not return an email request. Thanks!! SR-CD-11/19
  6. DaveinPatch

    Choke or Throttle problem

    I have a 2002 SeaDoo Sportster with Rotax engine. Just bought at the end of last year. Took it out when I bought it. Ran great. Now this year when I start up it stays running wide open like maybe the choke is stuck. Note it is running great, only wide open and won't go down to idle. I opened the...
  7. L

    98 Sportster 1800 - Access to motor

    I recently purchased a 98 Sportster that is in pretty good shape. I have never owned a boat before so I am learning as I go with some maintenance and trouble shooting. Maybe a dumb question but I can't find tips anywhere! This is the 7 seater with the back compartment door that opens close to...
  8. C

    Stop Pawl Screws

    Hello group, this is my first post or help. I just bought a used 2006 Sportster 215 and I took it out for the first time. After shifting Forward, Neutral, and Reverse a few times, I was comfortable exiting the harbor to enter Lake Michigan. As I was approaching the light, I tried to shift to...
  9. Gudlyf

    2004 Sportster ignition problem

    About a month ago I replaced the battery, plugs, starter solenoid, oil, oil filter. Worked fantastic for weeks. Today, after a week of non-use, I tried to start her up, and I get nothing. Key beeps, fuel pump I can hear engage, but pressing the starter, the solenoid doesn’t give that failure...
  10. rlfett

    Speedster or Sportster 150 Rear Facing Speaker Question - Anyone ever got creative?

    I don't have a wakeboard tower, I really don't want one as I find the pole works well enough and I like not hitting my head on things. That said I do really like the idea of rear-facing speakers. I have zones running JL Audio and my 6.5's are loud as hell with the amp. I was wondering if...
  11. Gudlyf

    Where to find parts for 2004 Sea-Doo Sportster?

    In particular, I'm looking to replace the rear engine compartment latch, and probably the entire latch cable and assembly. Maybe the seats. Everywhere I look -- including EBay -- they're out of stock. So, for now, the compartment is strapped down. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  12. huttcraft

    2005 Sportster SCIC nav light bulbs

    I’m posting after much searching. I hope the brain-trust here can help. I have a 2005 Sportster SCIC and one of the two bow nav lights is burned out. The boat is at the cottage and I’m now home so I can’t check the bulb itself, but I’m wondering if anyone can identify the spec replacement bulb...
  13. 2

    Looking for cover - Sportster 18' w/ wake tower

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently came into possession of a Sportster I believe a 2000 per the faded Hull ID. I believe it is the 1800 model as it's 17'9 per the title, 17'11 by my measurements. Every cover website only carries covers for a 14' sportster. My model seems...
  14. S

    95 Sportster MPEM Swap

    Hi there, As we know these MPEMs are no longer available new and almost impossible to find working and used. We also know they are needed for the boat to run. With this being said, I read on a forum that I could swap My 95 657x sportster MPEM with a 95 ski with a 657x. Does anyone have any...
  15. S

    95 Sportster MPEM Swap

    Hi there, MPEM is toast on my 95 and as you know impossible to find. I saw in another post it is possible with the 657x engine to swap an MOEM with a 95 657x PWC. Would anyone have any ideas how exactly this could be accomplished? I just purchased one off eBay but would like to make sure that...
  16. S

    95 seadoo sportster stall

    Hi there, I am struggling with a 1995 seadoo sportster that I recently acquired. It has the 657x engine. Amongst other issues I have encountered, here is the most recent: I rebuilt the carbs and had it out on the lake and was running great. I was idling into shore and it stalled. Got it home...
  17. stingray4me

    Just re uphoslstered my 95 sportster seats

    Here's some pictures of my seat job. I was able to buy just purple parts that were in bad shape since I bought the boat a decade ago. Got the pieces for $190 with shipping off ebay. I used 3/8" staples with a $20 electric stapler from harbor freight. I didn't do the front upper portion yet...
  18. Babounsky

    2003 Sportster 155 4-tec help

    HI, I owned a 2003 Sportster 4-tec and I need help. At my last ride Everything runs great and at the end the boat has made a little ''bang'' and it has stop one shot. I know I don't hit the bottom of the lake. After the boat don't go faster than 10 or 15 mph but the rpm still goes to the top...
  19. BoyzFunBoat

    How to remove bolts on lower rear seat of 2005 Sportster?

    On a 2005 Sportster, how to you reach the two bow facing seat bolts that secure the bottom section of rear seat to the hull? These are screws #3 and #4 in my pictures. I can stand on my head in the engine compartment and reach #1 and #2, but using a 12" ratchet handle, the the others are about 4...
  20. phinchcliff

    FOR SALE Never Used SBT Reman 657x Motor and Assembly Parts

    Motor was supposed to go into a 95 Speedster and all the assembly parts were taken from the boat. The reman core has never been started and was purchased with the SBT complete gasket kit and break-in oil that will come with it. Still have all original purchase reciepts as well, however, the core...