1. C

    Help!! 99 Shaft in 98 Jet Pump?

    Hello all, I bought a 99 GSX Ltd. a year ago just after the jet pump was rebuilt on it. I went to go do my first oil change on it this spring and only 1 of the cone bolts were remaining and the oil had leaked out. I decided to rebuild the pump with the 99' kit from OSD and replace the shaft...
  2. erica0718

    Question about Seadoo 1998 bombardie xp limited transmission shaft

    Hi, I want to consult a question with yall; When I remove the transmission shaft and try to put it back on again, it always has an inch extra left out, which can't fit in. I hope yall can assist me with it!
  3. T

    Different shaft sizes on 2009 Gtx's

    In 2011 a friend of mine got a good deal on a new 2009 GTX / trailer combo (old inventory). Long story short, another friend and I picked up the same Doo/ trailer combo at the same price. One of the three had a serious timing chain issue last fall and when picked up from the repair, the...
  4. O

    Jet Pump Housing HELP, PLEASE

    Okay so I need some help, please and thank you! I bought a 2004 Seadoo Sportster LE DI this past year, ran into a problem recently. Long story short, I need to replace all the impeller and jet pump from what I found online so far. I ordered the entire jet pump housing, complete with shaft...
  5. S

    1998 Sportster 85HP - expert help desperately needed

    Hey all - I think I'm in a world or trouble! Boat is a 98 85HP single sportster. Last year before packing up the boat I had all sorts of trouble getting it to plane; felt like the propeller was slipping and it would simply "spin out". After doing some reading I figured it must be the...
  6. T

    Stripped impeller and shaft, shaft rubbing on carbon ring.

    I've got a 2011 GTS. around 350 hours. The splines are almost completely stripped on the impeller and the drive shaft. After I pulled the pump and shaft I noticed wear on the shaft and found it had been rubbing on the carbon ring. Is my engine way out of alignment or did the play caused by...
  7. D

    PLEASE HELP NEW-B.. Jet pump shaft wont fit new bearings

    Hi all- Im new here; I hope I am doing this right and in the right section. I have a 97 GSX. I pulled the jetpump to do a rebuild. Got the new needle bearings etc... and the shaft will smoothly go through the rear bearing but not the other bearing. I thought it was maybe defective or...
  8. AirJordan613

    Torn boot, not sure what the underlying problem is please help!!

    Hi everyone. I was launching my '93 gtx when I noticed water rushing in. Lucky I never unhooked it from the trailer or it would be a goner. The drive shaft boot is torn. The motor end of the boot itself spins when the motor is turning which is why the boot tore. What do I need to do to fix this...
  9. H

    97 TDI drive shaft / flywheel-clutch removal

    Hi everyone. I loaned my ski's to a cousin and one came back with a little slippage. Looks like the drive shaft splines have given out. Hopefully the flywheel female section is ok. I have pulled the pump off, removed the flywheel cover, clamps, and just by looking, I can't figure out...
  10. J

    rope caught in shaft, now not running right

    I had a rope cought around the shaft but not ant further... the jetski ran perfect for a half and hour and now jetski doesnt have any pick up. It sounds like it is running ok, but just now pick up. What is most likely my problem, and how expensive to fix???
  11. R

    This xp is going to make me crazy (crazier) Shaft problems

    My kids and I picked up an old 1992 XP model 5851. I very cool ski with a rotax engine. It ran fine for a while then the shaft started to slip between the flywheel and drive shaft. I took the unit apart and found that the rubber plugs were missing from the ends of the shafts. I replaced the...
  12. C

    Ultra Newbie Buys 1st Ever Jet Ski - Problems on First Day (Cavitation?)

    Hi Folks! What have I got myself into? I purchased my neighbor's 1997 GTX (86 hours on it) for $1050 with trailer. My kids were begging me to do it. I've never owned a boat or jet ski before nor ever driven with a trailer. Anyhow, I got a hitch installed on the family van and went jet skiing...
  13. nwittema

    WTB used impeller (2000 gtx) 217-000-920

    I need to replace my old impeller which was siezed and had to be torched out. See my other threads I also need the impeller shaft and housing. I have the cone reservoir and HAD the bearings until the package was stolen from my doorstep.... Thanks for your help!! :seeya:
  14. L

    Help with 787 Rotary Valve Gear

    Just wondering if anyone with experience in 787 rebuilds can tell me if the rotary valve worm gear from my engine looks worn. It doesn't seem right to me. The teeth of the gear are sharp almost knife-like. With the crank in the case, there seems to be a lot of back and forth rotational play...
  15. L

    96 Challenger Driveshaft Through Hull Fitting insert?

    I managed to get my pump fully disassembled for overhaul this weekend. I am curious about the through-hull fitting. My fitting is only plastic and has an inside diameter quite a bit larger than the shaft. Is this normal? In the service manual, there is mention of a knurled aluminum insert...