1. burtshaver2021

    95 XP project

    I’ve been messing around with this 95 XP, it seemed like there was a strong fuel smell when I took the seat off. It has clear fuel lines held on with zip ties. I bought a back to OEM carb rebuild kit from OSD marine thinking that the seats where leaking causing the fuel smell? I took the carbs...
  2. H

    1997 GTX Project/ Rebuild

    Hi All, Was browsing marketplace and came across what I think is a 1997 GTX. It was abandoned at a rental property, but it was cheap, has no hull damage. Does anyone have a resource for a service manual? On my list so far: Power Wash Keys Missing (trip to dealer and dess coding) Compression...
  3. burtshaver2021

    1995 HX Project

    Hello everyone, spring has came early here in Ontario so my attention has turned back to my seadoo’s. I have a 1995 HX that I purchased in 2021 on a double galvanized trailer, a non running 1992 XP and a parts 92 XP were included for 1800.00 total. I’ve been looking forward to getting it running...
  4. T


    Hi there. Our boat is for sale, located in Seminole Florida 33772. Long Story Short... This was our first boat and I don't have the time nor patience to continue ownership. Boat was purchased in May of 2019. Went for an excellent test drive with no issues whatsoever. However when taking it out...
  5. X

    FOR SALE Wanted 947/951 DI Engine

    Good Morning, we purchased a Ski this year without an engine as a project. Does anyone have a 947/951 DI Engine for sale, or can recommend a place where one can be purchased? We are located in the UK. Has anyone used MINOTEK engines from Indonesia before? TIA
  6. BET-on-it

    1996 Seadoo XP800 Restoration Project

    Hey! Just joined the forum today as I prepare to start working on an old Seadoo that I just acquired. I ended up paying a grand for both a 96 Seadoo XP800 and a 93 Seadoo SP with a double trailer (both skis run alright so I feel relatively confident in the fact that I made a good deal)...
  7. emspjay

    Wanted 1998 SPX 800 project

    I am looking for a 1998 Seadoo SPX project. It can be running or not but I would like the gel coat and graphics to be in good shape or restore-able. I am in south east Michigan and will travel a few hours for the right project. Let me know what you got! Thank you, Jason.
  8. KeredJet95

    Looking to buy a 1999 Challenger 1800

    Hello SEA-DOO friends' A little background i'm 21 years old living in Cincinnati Ohio. Me and my good friend share 2 SEA-DOO GSX's One RFI and ONE carbureted. So familiar with 787's, as well as working on our PWC's I work for a karting team so Rotax engines are nothing new. As for the...
  9. dbechth

    GTX 4Tec 185 transplant into a 16ft aluminum V bottom

    Hi everyone, I have been meaning to start a thread for quite some time to track my progress on my 4Tec transplant project. My goal for this project is to end up with a boat that can be run on the Cedar River in Iowa without concern of ripping off a lower unit or damaging a prop in the many snags...
  10. Charleston

    Charleston 1996 Challenger Project

    I'm starting this fun old thread about my own fun with this 1996 Challenger restoration project. It has been a month now and found some great news from this forum and other insight elsewhere. Initial State: 1. Left outside. Rear 3-person 2-piece rear seats beyond destroyed. Many even...
  11. doberdann1019

    1997 Seadoo XP Project

    I just bought my first jet ski (a 1997 Seadoo XP) and decided to start documenting all the work that I do on it in this forum. I'm sure no one here cares about the crap I do but its a nice way to keep track of everything. I got the ski in average condition for a 97. The most noticeable...
  12. marcxp95

    Seadoo 1995 XP project :reddevil:

    Seadoo 1995 XP project Hi! About a month ago I bought 2 seadoos XP 1995.. Both have different problems, but I think that i can solve a lot of problems, and if i can have some help maybe in the summer i will have ready at least one skii.. As I am new in the worl of the skiis i would have som...
  13. S

    Starting - 98 speedster (2x787) off-season projects

    As we are approaching the end of the season I am beginning my winter projects list. I'm thinking this list should include rebuilding the carbs. This has been my first season with this boat and its been great. The only problem is starting at the first of the day takes a bit. I have to hit each...
  14. S

    Possible project boat, have a few questions!?

    What's up everyone? Just joined this forum today. Not really too familiar with Sea-Doo boats so if this thread is posted in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I was thinking of picking up a 1996 Sea-Doo Speedster as a project boat. The boat has 170hp and is a twin engine jet boat. The...