1. E

    2004 Sea-Doo GTI LE Plugs foul

    I have a 2004 Sea-Doo GTI LE. Found oil leaking into haul. Mechanic found that oil pump that injects oil into carb failed. Ski probably ran on straight gas for a while. He replaced pump and sent back to me. The machine would run for about 15 minutes before losing power and puttering when trying...
  2. Shane0524

    Could these spark plugs cause hard starting?

    I just finished rebuilding the carbs and replacing the fuel lines on my 1996 GTX with a stock 787 setup. The machine has 50 hours. When I took it out for its first test ride after the work it ran great. 7000 rpm no problem and 50+ mph. Here is the one issue though, it tended to be a bit...
  3. B

    2006 RXP running very poorly

    Hi Guys, I just bought a 2006 RXP 86 hrs with (what I think) had a full tank of 2 year old gas. I ran it when i bought it and got it up to 9 grand revving no prob so i bought it. The next day i took it to the water and couldnt get it going faster than 2000 RPM. The Maint light came on so...
  4. E

    2003 Sea-doo flodded engine??

    Today before launching our Jetski we forgot to plug the holes at the rear of the craft that lead into the engine. After about 20 minutes it died in the middle of riding, and when we got back the engine compartment was flodded. Now after we emptied about 90% of the water the engine still won't...
  5. D

    Seadoo Bombadier rib

    I have got a bombadier jet rib and have not used it since last summer, I have got a brand new battry fitted in it but it will not start over( sounds like not enuff power ) When i take the plugs out it turns over, I am at a loss any ideas or any help whatsoever will help, New to this forum, dont...
  6. Q

    Help with 1992 xp 587 - No fire

    Just rebuilt the top end of my '92 xp after it sat for 8 years. and I put everything back together. NO FIRE .... How do I check the magnito to see if there is spark coming from it? Mine has 4 wires, should they all be HOT ? Because Only 1 is hot right now.
  7. S

    2000 GSX RFI Will Not Start

    Hello, just bought my first Seadoo. Got two issues. First, the person I purchased it from suggested putting a small amount of oil in the gas in the event the oil pump every went out. I think that has caused a problem with blue smoke coming out and not going very fast. Second issue is it...
  8. C

    96 Xp 787 hard to start then bogs. POP the choke and it pick up and go fast.

    Hello I have a 1996 Xp with the 787 Dual carb RAVE engine. I bought it used and was sitting for 2 years before. I did alot of work to it listed below, but this is the problems I had after all my work and finally got it out to a lake. It is hard to start when cold and then bogs and dies when...
  9. D

    newbee with multiple areas of ignorance:

    :confused:Hello. thanks for the great resource for seedoo info: I have a new 96 Speedster with the twin 718 cc Rotax engines, only 5 hours on engines and boat. running urine yellow oil in the injectors apparently very heavy mix by the smoke and oillyness of exhaust. Prior owner says it is...
  10. I

    93 xp problem starting

    The ski will start everytime out of the water, and in the water the first time, but after I ride it I cannot restart in the water, I pull it out of the water and it fired right up: Checked compression 150 good Checked spark, OUCH!!! good Checked fuel, plugs seamed wet when cold and dry...
  11. I

    What have I done?

    Ok, so most of you will probably be laughing here shortly, If you noticed my ID, yea I got one. Its a 97 GSX, actually felt like I stole one. I went to look at this thing off craigslist guy said marine mech told him it needed a new switch because it would`nt do anything. He had purchased a new...
  12. D

    1996 GTX Seadoo 787 Problem

    I have a 1996 GTX Seadoo 787, it won't turn over with the plugs in, I take the plugs out and it turns over. I have replaced the starter, starter relay, and a new battery and have checked all of the grounds and cables they are good. What could be the problem or issue - has anyone ever experienced...
  13. J

    2003 Optimax 250 plug change how to

    Hi Everyone, Love the site, especially since I am newbie. I just bought a 2003 Utopia 205 with the Optimax 250. She ran great over the past few weeks but now she will not rev above 3000 and I want to change the plugs. The question is how do I get to the plugs? :confused: Do I need to...
  14. J

    1996 GSX has no spark

    I bought this last year with a trailer for $400, the owner said it had been fouling plugs, I replaced that battery and got it running. When it ran it ran like it was soppose to, powerful and didn't miss. Then one plug would foul and I'd start riding back home and the other would foul, eventually...