2006 RXP running very poorly

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Hi Guys,

I just bought a 2006 RXP 86 hrs with (what I think) had a full tank of 2 year old gas. I ran it when i bought it and got it up to 9 grand revving no prob so i bought it. The next day i took it to the water and couldnt get it going faster than 2000 RPM. The Maint light came on so i read online buying the Candoo would be good to pull the codes. When i pulled the codes none of them were relating to the problem (all older random voltage or fuse issues). Today I siphoned all the old gas out into my truck (truck is running like crap but runs) and put 12 gallons of 93 in the ski and took it to the water. I was able to rev the ski up to 4000 rpm briefly but then bogged down to run rough around 1800 rpm.

I have a feeling I either need new plugs or i need to clean the injectors. If i need to clean the injectors how do i do? Also i have NOT done the supercharger yet and plan to do it at 100hrs when the season comes to an end.


thx in advanced!
Throw a can of Seafoam in there to help clean the system. You should have replaced the old gas with 93 octane, replaced the spark plugs and changed the oil before even putting it in the water.
I had a plug that fouled on my 08 RXPX, the ski had half the power of the learners key. Is it throwing codes again, now that you cleared them?
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the input. I replaced the plugs and voila!!!! i was so relieved that's all it was. Some concerns I still have are that its at 87 hours when do I do the supercharger, what do i need to pump the oil out to do a change and what do i need to do to winterize so i don't freeze the block?

Also which kit should i buy to do the supercharger, def something I want to do myself.


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