1. L

    04 RXP Parts to Rebuild While Engine is Out

    Hello, I recently purchased an 04 RXP that has a broken timing chain. While I have the engine out I plan on rebuilding the super charger and the jet pump. Is there anything else I should inspect or replace while I have it apart (water pump, oil pump, seals, etc)? There are contact marks on 8 of...
  2. Benoit Hetzel

    Challenger 180 Jet pump maintenance and cleaning

    Hello everybody, I was doing my bearing grease checking on my 2007 challenger 180 jet pump, and I removed reverse, venturi etc... I noticed lots of spot with starting corrosion even if anodes are still brand new and the boat only knows unsalted water...the heat exchanger plate is covered with...
  3. C

    Supercharger rebuild

    I bought a really clean 04 RXP with only 109 hours. The person I bought it from told me the supercharger was rebuilt at 80 hours. Oil looked clean and it seemed he kept up with all maintenance and was stored in his basement after being winterized every year. I was wondering if I should go ahead...
  4. S

    Bought a 2011 Seadoo Speedster 150 at auction. Now what?

    Like the title says. I just bought a 2011 seadoo speedster 150 at an online auction. I pick up the boat this friday and want to be prepared to go through it and do general maintenance before trying to get it running. I own a 95 speedster with the twin 657's and have rebuilt one of the engines...
  5. jkenney95

    General tips and advice for someone with no experience in mechanics?

    Hello all Im brand new to this forum so hopefully im posting this in the right place and following all the rules; advise if otherwise. a few days ago i purchased a '93 SeaDoo XP Bombardier. This is the first time ive ever owned any sort of watercraft, and not only that, but i have no...
  6. ajvigants

    Maintenance harness for Sea Doo Spark

    Is there a cheaper alternative to the Maintenance Harness for Sea-Doo Spark that is available on GreenHulk? $185 fopr a bit of wire and two connectors is borderline offensive. Bit even to just change oil or coolant you need to restart several times and with the insane split deck design of the...
  7. Secret Outing

    2002 Seadoo gtx di

    I’m a new owner of used 2002 seadoo gtx di Dealer did say it’s going to need a fuel pump and I plan to rebuild it for lower price. I heard there are special maintenance concerns with this model. I’d like to know what they are.
  8. Z

    Wake 215 supercharger maintenance

    I have a 07wake 215 and I’m at 107hours. I know I need to rebuild it every 100 but how far over it can I go? I’m short on cash atm to rebuild it but still wanna go out on it. Bad idea? Just some info would be great. New here and thanks for the help in advance
  9. anthony29252

    General Maintenance

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTI LE with a 717. What kind of annual maintenance should I be doing regularly? I just don’t want to only be checking oil level only.
  10. Erik of Montreal

    Spraying Bombardier Lube in Air Intake Silencer?

    Hey guys, I was just skimming my 2002 GTX DI manual as I do at the beginning of every year and noticed that Bombardier recommends adding their spray lubricant in the Air Intake Silencer. Ahhh, I've never, ever, done this. Do you guys? If so, whoops. How often I am supposed to be doing...
  11. 3ftDeep

    After Ride Jet Ski Care (on a 2012 GTR 215 Sea-Doo)

    Okay, you had a great day on your Sea Doo, but what to do with the machine after? This video goes through 3ftDeep's simple, after-ride steps to make sure your Sea Doo is running good and looking great!Personal Water Craft: 2012 Sea-Doo musclecraft GTR 215. If you like our videos, please...
  12. N

    RX problems

    so I recently did a top end rebuilt on a sea doo 2000 RX I have been babying it for about 7 hours and i finally decided it was time to open up the throttle and see what it could do. To my surprise I was only able to get up to 40-42 MPG and 5,500 RPM before it bogged down back to 39-40 mph and...
  13. N

    2000 RX and 1997 GTX troubles

    So this season has been great so far despite some minor kinks that i'm trying to work out so I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice: Sea-Doo RX 2000 I received a Sea Doo 2000 RX this summer and decided to do a top end rebuild to get it running. My mechanic told me to baby it...
  14. G

    Newbie from Edinboro, Pennsylvania

    Greetings all... Stumbled upon this wonderful site, searching for the right products to maintain an older boat. Thank you to everyone for making this place happen. I'm sure that'll be hearing from me soon enough. Take care!
  15. R

    How to Change Oil Filter on 2003 GTI LE RFI.

    Hi, I'm a new guy on this forum, and I looked for a previous thread on this, but didn't see one. I need to change the oil filter on my 2003 GTI LE RFI. I have the new filter and mini tie straps from the dealer, but not quite sure how to approach this. Questions: 1. Is it better to do the...
  16. JuanchoPWC

    HOW TO: Antifreeze Change - Drain

    I just finished to change the Antifreeze to my Seadoo GTX as part of my noob year maintenance care... i must say: this job was a piece of cake..!!! now my seadoo will jump some waves with new antifreeze for the rest of the season..!!! Let just start by pointing the drain plug... An...
  17. JuanchoPWC

    Maintenance light reduce power..??

    Hey guys... As the tittle says... Is this possible..?? Im asking because my light is on and i feel my seadoo is not responding in Low RPMs... My Seadoo GTX gets power when i hit the throttle up to 6,500-7,000 RPMs... Btw, i will take my Seadoo to SnowCity to get the light clear up this week...
  18. N

    Bringing a 4-tech back from the brink....

    So my Aunt bought a brand new 2004 4-tech sportster back in 04 and since then I have a very strong feeling that ZERO maintenance has been done, zip, zero, nada in addition to being left outside in direct sunlight without any covers.... I noticed that it looked like hell full of leaves/pine...
  19. R

    2003 GTI LE RFI PTO Flywheel Lube--Can't fit grease gun tip on

    Hi, I am trying to lube the PTO Flywheel but my grease gun tip is too fat to fit into the small space between the zerk fitting and the side of the flywheel. The auto parts store did not have any grease guns or fittings with smaller profiles. Is there a special fitting required for this...
  20. C

    GTI LE RFI - usual protocol for flipping and maintenance

    Hey guys, my cousins and i are new jet ski owners and users, and this GTI LE RFI is our family's first PWC just wondering what the protocol should be when we flip our watercraft? like which direction it has to go, how to do it, and whether we should start it afterwards or not? and also...