FOR SALE RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT & 215 Supercharger

    I will only use Paypal for the protection on both parties. No Venmo/CashCapp sorry. For Sale: RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT - $175 + Shipping 2004 RXP 215 Supercharger - $200 + Shipping 107 hours no issues. Originally was going to send off for ETS 127 / Rebuild but ended up going...
  2. F

    Sand in the Intake & Under the Head Cover

    Pulling the engine out of my 2000 Sea-Doo GTX 787 RFI, took off the exhaust and intake manifold and found a ton of what I think is sand in the intake ports going to the cylinders. I also took off the head cover and there was a ton of buildup and sand, which I assume came through the cooling...
  3. B

    Sudden corrosion drive shaft on NEW Wake Pro

    Have a new Wake Pro 155, and keep it on a twin drive up dock in brackish water on the ICW, and have for the last 8 weeks or so. We also have a Yammy XVR that we keep on that dock. With brackish water, we are absolutely anal about our maintenance...flushing every day the skis are used. Yesterday...
  4. PolloCalores

    Westcoast Flame Arrestor

    Hey all, recently acquired a Westcoast Flame Arrestor used, but I've never used it myself. The person I acquired it from claims that it was a fairly rare part, and I haven't really seen many of them myself after doing about an hour of research on the thing. I have it for sale right now, not...
  5. S

    Sucked up a branch speedster

    Unfortunately, i sucked up a large branch today. I didn't realize at first but suddenly the boat was making a louder noise and it caused quite a bit of vibration. I pulled the boat out quickly as we We're just by the boat launch and was able to pull a large piece of wood out from the bottom...
  6. Now Bro

    Intake grate repair

    Has anyone tried to repair a damaged intake grate? 2005 sportster 155. I sucked up my rope and it broke both arms of grate at rear. It is still bolted in front, but 2 rear pieces are off kilter.
  7. FL challenger2000

    hello all

    I am second owner of a 2000 Challenger 1800, i hope to give it a little pick up during the off season any help in preparing for this ahead of time would be great. i guess i am thinking as far as small engine mod. or should i look at the pump house first. Thanks to any and all info
  8. R

    4-Tec "Cold Air Intake" ...pros and cons?

    I have a 2008 RXT 215 and a 2003 GTX 4-Tec SC. I have done most every inexpensive mod to increase speed/performance (no engine/supercharger mods) and it's given me a little more speed and rpm's. RXT hits 7950+/- RPM and about 72-73MPH on the stock speedo with a full tank of gas and two adults...
  9. Spinner

    Speedster 150 intake grate break, and ideas on fixing?

    Well here's one for you: I was winterizing my 2008 Speedster 150 (supercharged) a couple of months ago, and as I looked under the boat noticed one of the bolts on the intake grate seemed to be sticking out a bit. I looked closer and found what you see in the picture here. The rear quarter of the...
  10. L

    2005 Speedster 200 375hp Cavitation

    Hey guys, Just bought this speedster 200 this season with very low hours (16). First several times I've had the boat out its ran perfectly with no noticeable issues. The last 3-4 times I've had it out recently, I've noticed it's having a hard time getting out of the hole onto plane. It seems...
  11. C

    99 gsx limited WONT piss water/intake water when IN water but will do it on hose(rev)

    just recently purchased a 99 gsx limited only 61 original hours orignal owner had carb done in 04 and 09 by a profeesional local shop in 09 the whole ski was went over and new impeller and wear ring and intake grate was put on. (have reciepts) owner supposively winterized it and rode...
  12. S

    Complete Mod List ?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone had a complete mod list for the 3D? Including type and pitch of impeller.thanks:patriot:
  13. J

    Impeller/Housing Repair 2000 Speedster

    I have realized that the person I bought the boat from really didn't care to much about the boat. I have been looking and it needs a intake grate, impeller, wear ring, stator and possibly a ride plate and a tilt plate. This is for a 2000 speedster with the 240 Merc. Doing my research there...
  14. M

    2000 SeaDoo GTX Milenium Edition

    Im just wondering what cheap modifications I can make to my seadoo to make it go faster. I cant afford superchargers and the pro stuff. Ive heard that performance intake grates can help. I run 93 octane strictly through it because its a two stroke and I heard that they run better on higher...
  15. T

    LOTS of oil in intake?

    When I was re-doing the fuel lines and rebuilding the carb I noticed a large puddle of oil in the intake, but I chalked it up to the engine being immersed in oil, and therefore maybe "normal" -nope, now all I get is oil, oil, and more oil when I turn it over. anyone know what the prob is here? I...
  16. J

    Intake scoop c180 mod?

    Anybody mod a intake grate on a 07 c180 ? Think there is any to gain? I'm intrested in take off power(wakeboard). Any aftermarket parts that fit?