1. BensGTXFun

    Full 951 Rebuild - Rusty flywheel, stator and pickup - 1999 GTX

    Purchased a 1999 GTX limited with a solenoid click issue and no start for relatively cheap - inside and outside the ski looks great for a 20 year old ski. Removed the starter and was rusty and would not spin at all. Replaced the starter and it would not engage the bendix gear. Took apart the...
  2. G

    Looking to rent/borrow tool

    I'm replacing the engine in my 'Doo, and can't seem to get the mag flywheel off using my universal puller. The factory tool P/N 295 000 106 looks like a very sturdy unit that will pull it off in seconds, but I don't want to wait several days for delivery. (Update: Tools have arrived.)
  3. F

    Seadoo GSX 787 Flywheel Key Removal?

    I’m working on a 787 motor and I’m trying to figure out whether or not I need or how to repair/replace the flywheel key. Its worn down a good amount but still protruding. Does it come out and if so is there a way to do that? There is still enough protruding that it catches the notch in the...
  4. S

    Broken Piece and Smashed Corner on 657x engine, also flywheel timing

    So as I go back to work on re assembling a 657x for my seadoo xp, I find the engine on the ground, a piece missing and the corner of the head smashed, also at this time I was attaching the flywheel and stator, luckily those parts were still on my bench and nothing was broken on them, so I...
  5. sethsmind

    Starter? 1996 GTX Video included

    Click below for video Starter ? 1996 Sea Doo GTX - YouTube This is the sound the ski makes when I press the start button. It will eventually start but it seems like the starter is not catching. Brand new battery installed as well.. The ski was re-built from top to bottom a little over a year...
  6. ggrimes13

    96 SPX 717 starter gear moved on flywheel

    Starter gear ring moved out of position and came into contact with magneto housing casting. My son was out on the ski last summer when it occurred (just now getting around to fixing it), and I don't recall asking if it happened while running or perhaps while restarting. By the time I got out...
  7. Scott Martin

    Big chunk of magnet found wedged next to flywheel. Broken Flywheel or Stator?

    So I went to start my boat tonight only to have this grinding noise when the starter was engaged. Upon closer inspection I found a chuck of magnet wedged on the side of my flywheel. :redface: The chuck is roughly 2 inches wide and about 1.5 inches tall. Needless to say I'll be pulling off...
  8. M

    08 RXP 215 MAJOR issue. Help please!!!

    I bought my 08 215 supercharged rxp in January this yr with 43hrs. It was a repo unit. At 56hrs I noticed a loss of power at top end. That was the only issue. The next day when I started it, I noticed the supercharger sounded more high pitched. I took off, then backed off the throttle, got back...
  9. R

    Reassemby of 4-Tec: How to Correctly Install Stator Drum and Sleeve THINGY?

    Situation: Local dealer pulled 04 GTX LTD motor. When motor blew supercharger, it did some collateral damage to both oil pumps, starter gear, etc. I'm starting to reassemble. I noticed my flywheel drum that rotates around the stator has a stamped, fingered THINGY that sleeves around the drum...
  10. cuenta

    help flywheel get overheat

    I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows if the is normal that the flywheel cover get hot The ski runs great and the engine feels cold to the touch but the flywheel cover or magneto cover is hot Thanks for your help
  11. cuenta

    sea doo flywheel get hot

    hello friends I have a rookie question I have a 1997 gti and the flywheel cover them extremely hot engine block is cold exhaust pipe too is this normal or have any problem thanks for your help
  12. H

    97 TDI drive shaft / flywheel-clutch removal

    Hi everyone. I loaned my ski's to a cousin and one came back with a little slippage. Looks like the drive shaft splines have given out. Hopefully the flywheel female section is ok. I have pulled the pump off, removed the flywheel cover, clamps, and just by looking, I can't figure out...
  13. D

    Sea Doo 951 Fly Wheel Nut Size & Thread Pitch

    Does anyone happen to know the size of the fly wheel nut for a 2001 Sea Doo Xp 951? My friend lost mine and is the last thing I need to put my new motor in and get it on the water. Its the nut to the crankshaft i think its a M18x?. Please let me know Thanks ..
  14. KyleB

    1996 xp weak spark

    Ok guys I have a problem. I searched the forum for weak spark but really didn't much info. I see where many have mentioned they have no spark but a weak spark is what I have. The 96 xp ran great for the day but as my son was starting to load it on the trailer it quit and would not start again...
  15. F

    96 gsx new sbc motor, need to replace flywheel?

    Hi folks. I am putting a refurb SBT motor in my 96 gsx, and noticed that all the teeth on my flywheel a bit worn on one side. Can someone tell me in if it's a good idea to also replace the flywheel hub? Thank you for your time!!!!
  16. J

    99 Sporster 1800 Magneto Diag?

    First timer, I have searched high and low and found several threads with similiar issues, but nothing that matched my exact issue. The Problem: Port Engine started running very rough and finally quit running. Cranks fine but could not restart. While trying to bring the boat back to dock on...
  17. thejacksonkid910

    96 XP Strap In Flywheel

    ok so ive been having problems with my 96 xp. we all went out riding about a week and a half ago. the ski was running fine all day. until it made a thump and scared the hell out of my friend because all though the engine sounds as though it is runnin at top notch full speed, the ski only goes...
  18. chevyguy


    Starter, Ignition, Ring Gear -- rusty case & bendix Starter issues all over. Last year -- starter was draining battery, couldn't turn it over. Possible bad plugs, bad starter too. Replaced with new starter (eBay) - last August. This year, finally get her out (93 spx) only to have no luck...