challenger 2000

  1. F

    FOR SALE 2001 Sea-Doo Challenger - Bad Motor

    2001 Sea-Doo Challenger 2000 and 2001 Shorelander trailer. Blown motor. Looking for offers. Oskaloosa, Iowa.
  2. tonytek

    Challenger 2000 240 efi v6 starts idle for 2 seconds and stops

    hey guys hope everyone is doing well. I can use your help trying to figure out my issues with a 2000 challenger 240 refi v6 I recently got the boat and don't have much info about it just that it did not run. I changed the head gasket and drained the fuel tank. currently connected the 3rd...
  3. B

    Looking at buying 2001 Sea Doo Challenger 2000 with 2.54 mercruiser

    Any advice, is this boat worth my money, or is it not worth $9,500 for a 20 year old boat? Seller claims it starts and runs well. Body and seats look near immaculate (for a 20 year old boat there’s minimal fading and scratches). Thanks in advance!
  4. youssef

    Controlling your boat using remote control

    I have a challenger 2000 and since I leave it in the water most of the year, I used the battery master disconnect switch almost 4 times each day. After a while the master kill switch was broken and I looked around for a new one and it was about (35-65 US$). This got me thinking instead of paying...
  5. B

    2001 challenger 2000 240EFI electric fuel pump replacement

    after a lot of searching I can't find a 2001 challenger 2000 240EFI electric fuel pump replacement part number or suggestions of how to replace one. any help would sure be appreciated.
  6. Guarracs

    Optimax Reed Replacement

    Hey guys looking for a little insight, I have a 2002 seadoo challenger with a 250 optimax. I want to change the reeds as one has chipped. Can I change the 6 petal stainless steel system with a 5 petal carbon fiber system like found on the 250 pro/ xs model without doing any damage Both reed...
  7. T

    2000 Sea Doo Challenger 2000 w/ Mercury v6 240hp EFI - wont run when wet

    Hello, I just purchased a 2000 Sea Doo Challenger 2000 w/ Mercury v6 240hp EFI that didnt run. The original owner didnt know much about the boat, except that it hasnt ran for a couple years. I replaced both fuel filters, installed a new battery, added new fuel (mixed with the old), and now the...
  8. Big_Port

    Merc 250 Optimax

    Purchased a one owner, 2002 Challenger 2000 with the 250 Optimax. I'm finding very little info here and elsewhere about this motor. For instance, the Oil Injection by pass is something I'm interested in researching a bit more IF this engine suffers the same issues at the 240? Otherwise, I...
  9. S

    Starter Solenoid Issue - clicking sound when trying to turn over...

    Hey there everyone! I'm the lucky owner of a 2002 Seadoo X2/Challenger 2000 and so far have had a few really fun days on the water. Though the last time we went out I trusted my buddy to turn the engine off but somehow he left the ignition switch in the "start" position for an extended period...
  10. robb67

    2001 Challenger 240 EFI Engine problem

    I changed the plugs and took my challenger out for first time this season. Severe loss of power. Couldn't get rpms past 3000. Couldnt get to plane. Where should I start? Any reccomendations for repair shop in MA/RI area? Thanks, Rob
  11. S

    Wanna Race?

    I posted this before, but not in the correct forum.. This is my 2003 Challenger 2000 trying to keep up with a 180MPH+ Turbine powered boat... Direct Link
  12. S

    Hey all!!

    I am not really new here, but I am finally posting for the first time!! Wanted to thank everyone for the help I have received here over the years. Never had to post a question, just search search and search!!! Thanks again for all the information and help. BTW here is a video I made...
  13. A

    2000 challenger 2000 FS- TX

    I have a very nice 20' challenger here. Engine was rebuilt by prior owner less than 100 hours ago. All new interior in 2010 - including new oem rear seat assembly. bought some nice new 2005 seat bottoms for the captains chairs - real nice all around - has original bimini. New Poppy custom...
  14. S

    Someone has had to have this problem ... help Please!

    Challenger Bombardier 2000 - everything runs great on this boat. Lately I have had some problems with it surging. At times it runs normal then it bogs down a little. Not enough to shut it down, it just slows it down. Before I pull it out of the water I want to know if it is something I can fix...
  15. G

    Changing Impeller fluids 2000 Challenger

    I would like to know what I need to purchase in order to change the impeller fluids on my own. (Special tools i might need and where to purchase). Also would like instructions on how to perform work. I live in central pa and there are NO jet boat service centers near me. The closest is 3.5 to 4...