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I am not really new here, but I am finally posting for the first time!!

Wanted to thank everyone for the help I have received here over the years. Never had to post a question, just search search and search!!!

Thanks again for all the information and help.

BTW here is a video I made when trying to keep up with an actual JET boat in the Jersey Shore!! (I am in a 2003 Seadoo challenger 2000 w/ 240hp Merc) As you can see in the video once he purge'd his engines he was GONE :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hope you enjoy it!

Wow that thing MOVES!

I think my next SeaDoo will be one of the boats. There's a couple on CL locally here for around $2k but I don't want to spend anything right now.
We love our SeaDoo.. It's alittle old now, and it's a 2-stroke (smokes abit) But its so reliable. I have had to replace a few mechanical things, but the engine is solid and starts up everytime first try.
Dude, are you serious. 3:29 of video and not a single bikini for us old guys. Come on man, we have needs. :)
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