1. S

    1994 Seadoo XP oil pouring from fitting under exhaust

    I have been struggling with this ski for a while and recently decided to get back to her. Currently, both oil lines from the oil tank go to the oil pump I think, filtered line to the side of it, unfiltered line to the bottom. I can get some pictures for yall to help here soon. But here's my...
  2. D

    657x MPEM Compatibility

    Hello, I purchased a 94 XP last year and starting work on it as of recently. Was told by the guy I purchased from that he heard a pop from the MPEM and I have not been able to find a 278-000-071 to replace it. I did some research and found that the 95 GTX has the same engine and I believe that a...
  3. A

    1995 Speedster 657X - No start

    Hello, So I am restoring a 95 Speedster and recently installed two re-maned engines. One fires instantly and the other will not even cough. The no start (starboard) engine has 145-150 compression, double checked rotary valve timing, good blue&white spark, and good fuel. Two new batteries, timing...
  4. D

    94/95 Seadoo XP MPEM compatibility

    I recently bought a Seadoo XP with a 657x engine that is non-running with no spark. The previous owner said they saw smoke come from the MPEM and so I ordered a aftermarket one that’s compatible with part 278-000-070 (For 587 engines or 92 XP from sellers page). In my jet ski it is part...
  5. A

    1995 SPX No Spark

    hi, have tried reaching out to the boys in the fb groups but seems no one wants to help! i was riding in some waves and ended up tipping the boat causing the lanyard to unhook and myself to fall off the side. When i got back on, the ski would crank endlessly but wouldn't start. I brought it...
  6. lassebjornevik

    1994 SeaDoo XP 657X, no spark

    Hi, I recently bought an old SeaDoo XP and I knew there were problems with the spark. The previous owner said it probably was the Ignition Coil since he had replaced the MPEM. I bought a new coil and replaced the old one, but still no spark... I searched online for troubleshooting guides and...
  7. jjrey

    1995 GTX won’t run right after 30 mins

    Hey guys, new to this jet ski life! I bought a 1995 GTX, had no issues other than gauges not working, brought it home and rode it no issues for about 1-2 hours. Next weekend I take it out and boom! Dies repeatedly and has a rough time starting. When throttle was slightly engaged or fully engaged...
  8. T


    I recently just picked up my first jet ski, a 1994 Seadoo XP. When I picked it up the owner had it hooked up to a hose and it fired right up and ran through its range without issue. Mechanic brother along for advice. Wanted a water test but jumped on it anyways for $1300 with trailer. Just put...
  9. S

    Which Rotary Valve do I need!?

    I recently picked up a non running 94 XP with a 657X. The motor was toast, and the guy i bought it from gave me an extra engine that he was under the impression was a good engine, i went ahead and threw a new top end kit in the new engine before putting it in the ski. The original engine that...
  10. D

    FOR SALE 657x Parts (Cyl Head, Pipe, Carbs, RV Cover, Flywheel Cover)

    Hi Everyone, I purchased a scrapped 95 SPX and kept what I wanted. See pics, all items seems to be in good shape. If something you need, drop me a note. I am in Newfoundland Canada, so shipping might be a bit higher depending on where you are.
  11. S

    95 Sportster MPEM Swap

    Hi there, As we know these MPEMs are no longer available new and almost impossible to find working and used. We also know they are needed for the boat to run. With this being said, I read on a forum that I could swap My 95 657x sportster MPEM with a 95 ski with a 657x. Does anyone have any...
  12. S

    95 Sportster MPEM Swap

    Hi there, MPEM is toast on my 95 and as you know impossible to find. I saw in another post it is possible with the 657x engine to swap an MOEM with a 95 657x PWC. Would anyone have any ideas how exactly this could be accomplished? I just purchased one off eBay but would like to make sure that...
  13. S

    95 seadoo sportster stall

    Hi there, I am struggling with a 1995 seadoo sportster that I recently acquired. It has the 657x engine. Amongst other issues I have encountered, here is the most recent: I rebuilt the carbs and had it out on the lake and was running great. I was idling into shore and it stalled. Got it home...
  14. dwe19

    657x rebuild

    Just performed compression check on my 1995 GTX and the one cylinder is 140 and the other is 30. So do I rebuild the motor or exchange? anyone have suggestions or advice? thanks
  15. Boshwash

    95 GTX bog and Carburetion Education

    Hey guys! I've got a few questions to start with and potentially more to follow. I have 1995 GTX thats been in my family since it was purchased new. It just got a remanufactured SBT engine that I installed, as well as the carbs rebuilt, which I also did. Took them to a semi-local shop to...
  16. Kanto92

    1995 Speedster

    Hey guys some of you may have already read my last posts about this boat but long story short I need to replace my port engine, i found a running 1995 gtx 650 with a bad hull but a working engine with good compression and a fresh carb rebuild. Is there anything different between the carbs and...
  17. rotax923

    Motor swapping in xp models

    New to this and it may have already been talked about somewhere on here. I have a 1993 650 xp got for a awesome price and it was in really good shape for the year. Motor blown which reflected the price. I recently acquired a 1995gtx model with a 656x motor in it. If i swap the X motor into the...
  18. 1

    Oil in Fuel Pump line 1994 657x XP

    I replaced lines with Tygon and noticed oil in fuel pump line. Plugs foul out also. see details below. I bought two identical 94 XP skis. Neither was running for various reasons. Just started getting them back together from PO tearing them partially down. One went together just fine, smokes a...
  19. alx401

    94 657x rotary valve not linig up

    According to specs manual timing marks should be at 149 and 65. When i install at 149 the other side is bout 10 degree off. It lines up at bottom of valve opening at about 55 degree. Seems like 130/65 works better but this is definitly a 657x engine. Is there something i am doing wrong. Ive...
  20. fastboyslim50

    1995 Sedoo GTX 657X Rebuilt Carbs Now engine floods with fuel

    After i build carbs i checked pop off and lever height on the needle an seat then put diaphragm and cover on and installed to ski it ran great on trailer shut it off and tried to restart it it would not restart pulled plugs and they were flooded. So i cleared fuel flooded engines by starting...