1. S

    1999 seadoo xpl 951 bogging down

    I have a 1999 Seadoo Xp limited I've had the engine rebuilt and all of the gas lines changed and after that which was a few years ago ran great perfect starting fast as heck. The years have passed and I remember being on the water and something happening where it bogged down I put it up for the...
  2. N

    1996 GTI carb not outputting gas

    Hi, I recently got a 1996 seadoo gti 2-stroke and I have been working on fixing it. It did not run when I got it, but since then, I have pulled both carbs and done rebuilds on them. The carb with the pump on it works great, but I can't get gas to come out of the other carb. I can't figure out...
  3. val-e-vue

    Piston Rings - 98 GTX Limited

    Using "right" and "left" as your options, please identify the target location (i.e. top and bottom) of each ring in the photo? Example: Left is top and right is bottom. Thanks, Gregg
  4. R

    1999 Seadoo SPX jerking

    Hi guys, don't know if someone can help me but I hope so. I have a 1999 SPX that I got from someone where it had been standing for years. I have tried to get it going again but its giving me issues. I changed all the fuel lines from the grey lines, put a new battery in it and got the carbs and...
  5. S

    1994 sea doo gts 580

    hello i have a 1994 sea doo gts 580, will start on trailer and in water, but wont accelerate over 5mph , replaced stator,mpem,coil,voltage regulator,battery,plugs,rings,wear ring,carb rebuild,spark plugs,drained fuel tank,new oil,new pistons. new jet pump oil....cant figure out why it wont run...
  6. D

    Seadoo Gti RFI LE

    Hello everyone :) I'm new to this forum and to the world of PWCs in general. My first pwc is a 2004 Seadoo GTI RFI LE. It was rebuilt about a year ago and did 10 hours since then. When I bought it I literally took the plunge. The ski ran perfect on the water, however it would not start...
  7. S

    GTX Oil Leak

    Hi all! My wife has a 1994, maybe 95, Sea Doo GTX Bombadier. Looks exactly like this one... http://www.motownmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?82240-1994-Sea-Doo-GTX-1500-OBO It has a newer motor, possibly 2-3 years old rebuilt, and had some recent starter replacement this past summer. New...
  8. joe_camel

    API-TC oil alternative (Imperial oil)

    Hello all, I know oil is a big debatable subject and has been talked about many times, but I looked through the search function and didn't find anything regarding Esso (Imperial Oil) Easymix 2-cycle oil. The data sheet is available here...
  9. S

    Possible project boat, have a few questions!?

    What's up everyone? Just joined this forum today. Not really too familiar with Sea-Doo boats so if this thread is posted in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I was thinking of picking up a 1996 Sea-Doo Speedster as a project boat. The boat has 170hp and is a twin engine jet boat. The...
  10. T

    Buying a 2003 Seadoo Sportster

    According to the seller.... has less than 150 hour on it, it tops out at 55 mph. He's looking to get 5000 obo cash or a trade for a car or motorcycle about the same value it has the 2 stroke motor in it should the compression be between 150 psi, and 135 psi? Also what else should I be...