1. A

    2018 Seadoo GTX 155 (75Hrs) Only Goes 40 Mph

    2018 GTX 155 (75Hrs) - New Battery - New Wear Ring - New Spark Plugs (NGK 4339 - DCPR8E) - New BRP Oil & Filter (ran 30 sec, off 30 sec, little over halfway on the dip stick) - New Key Programed - I had the only key(Green Learner) programed to be the normal key (says "normal key" at startup now)...
  2. T

    Battery in GTI Limited 155

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2017 SeaDoo Limited GTI. I also own a 2015 GTX 155 and 2018 GTI SE 130. My GTX and GTI Limited calls for a 12V/ 30AH battery. My GTI SE calls for a 12V/ 18AH. The larger 30 AH battery fits in my GTX fine and the 18AH battery fits fine in the GTI SE and is the...
  3. Babounsky

    2003 Sportster 155 4-tec help

    HI, I owned a 2003 Sportster 4-tec and I need help. At my last ride Everything runs great and at the end the boat has made a little ''bang'' and it has stop one shot. I know I don't hit the bottom of the lake. After the boat don't go faster than 10 or 15 mph but the rpm still goes to the top...
  4. Sharkbaitdude

    Supercharger maintenance on 2008 GTX 155

    I just bought a GTX 155 and took it out for the first time. I noticed that there is a message about "Supercharger Maintenance." I thought that was odd because the model I bought doesn't have a supercharger in it.... or so I thought. Any ideas? TIA!
  5. X

    Removing pump/ibr

    Removing the pump seems easy enough. I haver the ibr, is there anything worth knowing with respect to the ibr, before i change the wear disc and impeller? Thanks...i sucked some sand today... :( gotta learn this the hard way! Its a 2011 gtx 155....
  6. S

    suspension question (GTX S 155)

    Hey all, (This is probably a stupid question with a very simple answer) I just got a 2013 GTX S 155 about a week ago. I've been riding it but after I wash it, water pools in the footwells and also under the footwells. If anyone knows how to get this water out of there, that would be...
  7. M

    Sea-Doo 2012 GTI 155

    Hello, I purchased a 2012 GTI 155 last summer and it runs great. However, after I hit about 10 hrs, I noticed that the PWC started listing port side on some occasions about 10 degrees or so. Also, it you point the bow of the PWC towards a target, it pulls to the left. Most people would not...
  8. M

    Can't pull a water skier?

    I'm pretty new to the PWC experience. I bought a used 02 gtx ltd. It a pretty great machine but the "hole shot" is terrible. I keep hitting the rev limiter trying to pull a water skier out of the water, just can't get him up. The top speed is pretty fast but the that's it. Looked at the wear...
  9. O

    2011 GTI 130 vrs 155

    I am looking for some advice please. I have owned a small sport boat for years but I am now about to order my first pwc. I have decided to buy the new 2011 Gti but I don't know which motor is best. I have read that the 130 is comparable with the 155's low end torque and start up power but the...
  10. R

    2008 seadoo gti 155 surging electrical issue

    2008 seadoo gti 155 I have a2008 gti se 155 I have one that seems to turn on the info panel giving me the welcome aboard message every 15 seconds or so. This happens with no key hooked up. When I do put the DESS key on it beeps fine and gives me the welcome aboard message every time but...
  11. N

    2008 GTI 130..How to get 155 HP.

    I got the GTI 130 and from what i can tell it has the same engine as the GTI 155. How can i get that extra 25 HP out of the 130? Any info would be great. Thanks
  12. W

    Is 300 hours really a bad thing?

    Hello Everyone (or should I say anyone!!). Hopefully someone is reading this and may provide some advice. This question has likely been asked before, but I'll be darned if I can find much information. The question is why do I see people referring to older boats with so few hours on them...