TPS install merc 240 efi. *smoke issue

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Ive about had enough of the low end rpm smoke on my boat (enough that i smoke the marina out) ive tried changing the port side temp sender with no luck. Moving onto TPS. Is there a special way to install? How do i set it up properly. And any other ideas why im getting so much smoke bottom end? Runs fine as h*ll high rpm
Different oils will make more/less smoke at idle. BUT... don't just randomly change the TPS. It's a $500 part. Check it !! Maybe even adjust it. (It's outlined in the manual on how to test it) But one thing to keep in mind... 2-strokes will smoke at lower RPM's. There's absolutely no way around it.

Have you checked the adjustment on the oil pump?
I did try adjusting it and couldnt get it to stay at .20 that they want at idle. Would randomly jump around and jump back up and wot was 3.45v or so. Im not too sure how to check the oil pump adjustment to be honest
Be sure to disconnect the port side temp sensor when checking the TPS. It messes with the readings if you dont.
As you move throttle closed to wot and back, meter should move smoothly. Any hopping, skipping, jumping of the meter indicate a failed tps.

Oil pump arm should be at 9:00 at idle. It is possible to connect the arm at about 3:00. This is the wrong way. There are timing marks on the arm and on the casting. They are hard to see. Sometimes painted over.
What do your spark plugs look like? Black and oily? Like new? Tan and dry? Are they all the same?
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