Shift stuck in forward

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Second season owner of 2007 Speedster 200. I am no mechanic. Stopped engines by pulling DESS while slowly crusing. Stuck in forward. Could not Shift from forward back into neutral to start engine. I can pull the lever back from forward to the neutral position about 2/3 of the way, then it stops. It was kinda weedy. Steering seems very loose. Had to call for assistance. Towed in. Boat in dry dock. Messed up this Memorial Day weekend. Is this something I should be able to fix on the water? I would appreciate any help.
Thanks Bryan13, tried to call but "not in service" message received. What do you think happened to my boat?
i think your rods are out of adjustment i just redid mine about a week ago, i can tell you exactly how to get it to work if u can get a hold of me ahhhh try again 716-903-1880
give me a call now red, ill tell you how to get it back into nuetral and how to adjust it, much easier on the phone
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