1. robman66

    sticky throttle and shift cables

    I am the happy new owner of a Seadoo jetboat !!! I bought a 2000 Challenger 2000 a few months ago, with the 240 EFI engine. Engine is clean and runs great (previous owner had it running on the hose for me). Hull is in nice shape. Colors are faded, but having it buffed and polished next...
  2. A

    Hard to Shift/Throttle on 2002 Utopia 205

    Hi, my 2002 Utopia 205 is getting harder and harder to shift into gear and throttle up. It gets worse as it gets colder outside. This has been ongoing for years. When the reverse gate is up and I throttle up I can feel the cable grinding a bit. Looking for advice. Is there a way to...
  3. R

    Shift stuck in forward

    Second season owner of 2007 Speedster 200. I am no mechanic. Stopped engines by pulling DESS while slowly crusing. Stuck in forward. Could not Shift from forward back into neutral to start engine. I can pull the lever back from forward to the neutral position about 2/3 of the way, then it...