1. L

    2000 Sea Doo XP - idle increases when out of water

    Just cleaned Rave valves and the XP runs great with no bogging. Got it home to flush it out after on the water. Started it up and the idle took off on its own. RPM's were over 6000. Pulled the kill switch and it didn't shut off. Had to pull the choke to stall it out. Tried it again and the idle...
  2. rksnow1

    97 GTX wont turn over with plugs in... works with plugs out???? What am I missing?

    Hey Seadoo Pros, Im in need of your advice and assistance.. I am tryin to get my 97 GTX ready to go out for the season and am having a hard time turning it over. Last year when I parked the ski it ran fine, I winterized it and now I cant get it to turn over long enough to start. When I try...
  3. R

    2001 - Islandia: Can't Open the Engine Bay

    I just got the boat back from winter storage, and I can't get the engine bay open. I can pull on the wire as hard as possible (with tools as well) but nothing. Is there a manual way to pop the engine bay without taking this into the dealer? 2001 Islandia:confused:
  4. R

    Shift stuck in forward

    Second season owner of 2007 Speedster 200. I am no mechanic. Stopped engines by pulling DESS while slowly crusing. Stuck in forward. Could not Shift from forward back into neutral to start engine. I can pull the lever back from forward to the neutral position about 2/3 of the way, then it...