Seadoo, Skidoo workshop project

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Hi, over the past year I’ve been working towards building a shop to work on my seadoo’s, skidoo’s, and anything else that needs repairs. I’m building it in the hayloft of my barn. Started about a year ago by removing the 1000 bales of old hay, once the hay was removed I noticed some holes and soft spots in the floor, removed the 2 layers of boards from the floor, pressure washed the boards that were still good, Milled new boards with my table saw from some pine cut offs that I got for free from a saw mill, prior to the new boards I jacked up the beam beneath the hayloft about 4 inches and replaced about 7 floor joists. I’ve done the whole project on a dime with materials I’ve obtained from jobs and used garage door etc. Can’t wait till it’s finished, with only being able to work on it in my spare time it’s been quite some time to complete it.


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Found this for sale for in my shop? I have 2 of these 92 XP’s so I was pretty excited to get this,


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9DEBE1A3-00ED-457A-B956-B853101A80B2.jpegI stick to Bombardier and Yamaha for the most part, both great companies and products. My wet jet has a 701 Yamaha engine and I have my Yamaha Nytro. Never ever ever Polaris though
5448694D-67FE-4230-A000-9EE282BC1EBF.jpegAnd the last bit of advertising I purchased, well except for a ski Doo ad that I’m not really very fond of, the Seadoo ad is my favourite of course.
@mikidymac . Just wanted to try out the bat signal, I’ve seen other people put the at symbol before someone’s name. Does this send a notification to the person?
6248E44D-9ACC-4D08-A23C-4BB31615D60C.jpegMy 15 year old boy went shopping a couple of days ago and came home with this for me. It’a tin, about 10 inches in diameter. I absolutely loved it, but I think I liked that he thought of me even more. I’m displaying it proudly in our living room now but it will soon make its way out to my shop.
30443F62-6DD4-443B-A38E-E60F08766E3A.jpegMy newest tool for the shop, not sure of the year but it’s a Singer and it’s steel not plastic. The lady and husband I bought it off of were in their 80’s and the nicest people you could ever meet, we had a few laughs. She took over half an hour showing me how to use all the buttons and levers on it and how to wind the bobbin and route the thread. It was only yesterday and I know I’ve forgotten some of the stuff she showed me all ready. Going to be lots of sewing video’s playing in my house for the next few months. If I can get it warm enough in my shop I’m hoping to recover the seats on my 98 Challenger this winter.
E6100A14-5DB8-4396-B919-A98D423FF960.jpegWorking today at building 6 more shop carts😀, that will give me 9 carts which will be one shy of what I need.I bet the poor Tigershark will spend the winter outside 😪
533A376C-5CDA-446D-B560-F1163A4D6C5F.jpegI’ve found a good use for all that old oil I’ve been taking out of my seadoo’s, seems to make good bar oil, I’ve ran about a quart through my saw so far and no issues
3F06C830-CC30-4326-A983-45E77896AB4E.pngMy newest addition, just got home with it now, still haven’t put it together but I’m in my shop now and it looks like I better build on to this shop soon because I can’t even see a spot for this press. Regular price 599.00, on sale for 449.00 and when I went to pick it up the box was mangled and a few minor scratches on the iron so when I asked the lady gave me another 90.00 back. 😊. Now I wonder how many attachments I will need to buy?
All put together, my first stab at pressing anything will be a wheel
bearing on the front hub assembly of a Mazda 2, I had the rear brake pads and rotors replaced on my 16 Ram maybe a little over a year ago and it cost me almost 1000.00, I had pretty much decided then that I was going to start doing my own work on our vehicles.
Got to using my new press today for the first time to change a front wheel bearing on my Mazda 2. It went great. I called Mazda in Ottawa just to get a quote to see what I saved by doing it myself, I’m guessing they will say about 500.00. I bought the SKF bearing from Rock Auto for 41.00 so I probably just saved what it cost me to purchase the press😀
I can say after wrenching for over 30 years my favorite and "why did I wait so long" tool is my 20T Harbor Freight press
I can say after wrenching for over 30 years my favorite and "why did I wait so long" tool is my 20T Harbor Freight press
Listen to this, I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I was tired of getting screwed at the mechanics well I wanted to see what I saved by doing this work myself so it goes like this, 2012 Mazda 3, I put new pads and rotors on the rear and changed the right rear hub assembly, I paid 71.75 for a Moog hub assembly, called Cornwall Mazda to see what they would charge? 534.70 tax in just for the hub assembly installed. Now here’s the one that blew my mind. 2012 Mazda 2, I changed the front pads, rotors and right front wheel bearing that was a press in. Parts were 147.64 for a good SKF bearing and cheap brake parts from amazon. Called Mazda in Ottawa this time, 1456.19 tax in for parts and labour. Saved 1308.55 on the Mazda 2 alone. Sure put a smile on my face.
Picked up my newest addition for my shop. A used Lincoln Mig Pak 140. Now I’m hoping I can learn to weld, I feel like I’m not going to be natural at it at all and that it’s going to be difficult for me but time will tell.
Newest addition to my tool collection, plates for 717 and 787RFI to do leak down tests. I didn’t really need them, i have been using an old inner tube between carbs and between exhaust manifold. So really just a little treat for myself that I didn’t need but... lol.