Making wraps for Seadoo boats

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I'm going to wrap my boat eventually. Here for your critisisim is my Tropical Seafoam sportster, Tribal yellow and red Speedster designs I'm working on. The originals are 13' high rez. I have no clue how much wraps cost. I figure printing a generic square will cost less than having the company cut it to fit. I never can find a solid online answer, and since I'm not serious yet, I don't want to waste anyone's time on the phone...

The yellow is more geared toward those wanting to update thier boats to a more modern design.

The red is a more economical design being a smaller decal.


This is my boats design. I was inspired by my board shorts that I picked up in panama FL. I'm not a big fan of light, almost girly colors, but I'm also old enough to wear pink shorts without shame. I do like that it reminds me of watching the scenery sip tropical drinks. Besides, its a sportster, badazz is not in the description of the boat. Fun, however is.

I'm sure you have them, comments below.
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I looked into it. The places around me wanted 800 to 1200 to do it though. Thats kinda crazy so i just added new decals. There have been a few members on here do wraps though.
got a few looks, no opinions? come on, my skin is thick enough, this place must be troll free lol I need some critisisim to make these things look better.

I plan on installing myself to save on costs, I'm kinda curious as to how much just the wraps cost...
What opinion you want? It looks cool but the cost out weighs the looks in my book. I like your first one (black) the most. Are you going to redo the interior also?
I like the black one better also.
The light "girly" one is harder to see the SeaDoo name.

Why don't you put "YAMA' on one side and "KAWI" on the other to fool people....then get their "pinks" in a race........LOL
What opinion you want? It looks cool but the cost out weighs the looks in my book. I like your first one (black) the most. Are you going to redo the interior also?
Looking for how to make them look better. Yes, I'm doing interior now, and the graphics are coming later.
My boat is a 1996 sportster, the only way I could get away with stealing pinks, is to put my 130 horse zxi motor in the boat with a 155 pump, and putting polaris on one side and tigershark on the other.... :p
Sorry for the pictoral confusion, I bought the boat about 3 weeks ago and haven't had a chance to reupholster yet. The previous owner used a walmart tarp and gazebo to cover the boat... The tops of my seats look like a dog chewed them up, the sun is hard on naugahyde and vinyl. I just found a speedster photo online to mock up photos on. Thanks for the input though.
I'm going to go with a seafoam color similar to the rub rail, it has just grown on me. On top of that, its hard to have a black hull boat that looks badazz when all 85 horsepower can't keep up with most 70+ horse aluminum fishing boats.... I love jets, I hate physics though lol....

P.S. I'm also finding information on companies that will charge by the square foot for prints, so its looking cheaper...
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Well the seafoam looks kinda gay...But hey its your boat. As long as you are happy, who cares.
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