FS: 787 PSI Single Pipe - PSI TWINS - 951 White Pipe!!

I have a few pipe setups for sale. Everything is in great condition and ready to hit the water.

1) 787/800 PSI Single Pipe setup. This setup is super....super mint. This includes the pipe, modified clamp, jets, seals, hosing and installation instructions as well as the tuning guide and jet/carb recommendations for a stock ski, modified head, modified head & carbs etc etc. This is a very clean pipe. I personally did not run this pipe as I ended up going with a 951 engine before completing my 787 setup but I have heard nothing but great reviews regarding this pipe on the 787.


2) 787/800 PSI TWIN PIPES. Twin pipes including the manifolds & hardware. These were pressure tested and are in perfect working order. The manifolds have also been tapped for EGT's if you choose to run them. Very unique pipe setup.

Price: $260 shipped anywhere in the USA

3) 951 97.5 White Pipe exhaust system. This is the factory 97.5 exhaust system often used on the 951 engine for increased performance. The top pipe was painted black for stealth however this is a true 97.5 white pipe setup. Including manifold, top pipe & bottom pipe. This setup is very clean inside and out.

Price: $260 shipped anywhere in the USA

Sorry for the lack of pic order, every since photobucket killed their links I havnt found a decent replacement. I am available for more pics etc via text as well. 636-236-five-nine-three-six

IMG_6621 - Copy.JPG


IMG_6623 - Copy.JPG
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Just an FYI I don't mind holding parts for people as long as I get some sort of deposit. I'd rather hold and know they are sold then keep bumping my threads
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