Speedster 787 jet boat twin engines 2 stoke

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Question 1
Just wanting further advice on possible cause of engine buzzer going off continuously when we put the boat in the water this drove very nicely but then stopped and couldn't restart the boat as it did not fire. We had to get towed back into shore, We did start the engines again when we got the boat home. What would be your recommendation to go over to try and eliminate this problem I am in the progress on reconditioning them all for carburettors. What would cause the engine to shut down. Just wanting to know if I should be looking at other things.

Question 2 could you please tell me what carb is the PTO is it the rear carb with the small plunger.

Question 3
I have some small concerns on the oil lines from the oil tank down to the oil pump how can I tell if these have been placed and if they are PVC or polyurethane, as you mentioned do not use PVC I am wondering if I should replace them with clear fuel rated piping which has like a reinforcing. Red striping.

Question 4
Do Seadoo speedster 787 twin engine 2 stoke jet Boat have two batteries or one when manufactured

Question 5
After replacing the small oil pipes from the pump to the manifolds and the oil lines from the tank to the pump what do I have to look out for to ensure these are correctly bleed and what is the best procedure for bleeding both these. Also are the only oil filters on the lines.

Question 6
Is the rave water valves are missing on each muffler can this cause any concerns.
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