RESTO Decals / Graphics for 93 XP & 95 HX Restoration

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I have just recently picked up a 93 XP and a 95 HX that I'm planning to restore (pictures below). I'm stripping all the decals to recondition the gel coat and will be needing decals to put back on them. I've searched all over for some decals, specifically "XP" and "HX" decals, but I'm having a hard time finding them. Can someone point me in the right direction where to find them? Or someone who can make them for me?


Your graphics and skis look pretty good. I would try buffing them with some fine cut or even finer swirl remover and see how they turn out first. IF that doesn't work then you can look for new decals. You probably will never find a complete set of OEM ones and if you do you will probably not like the price. Your best bet is PWC graphics. If you want to take the time to trace and photograph all of yours he will make a complete replica set.
Thanks for the replies. I'll check with PWC graphics. I'm actually not wanting to go back to the OEM decals. Probably should have mentioned that in my original post. I'm changing some of the colors on the skis.

On the XP I'm getting rid of all the purple and pink by painting black and/or gray and doing the rub rails and foot pads in gray hydro-turf

On the HX I'm getting rid of the purple and painting the purple stuff black with black rub rails.

So I'm really just looing for some decals that actually say "XP" and "HX" in black, white, gray, or a combination of the three.

Thanks again!
I am actually in the process of drawing the HX OEM decal replica kit. I have the hood stripe & HX logo finished.
I'm in dire need of a good quality, straight photo of both the upper and lower hull decals so I can finish up the kit. Any chance you can post or send them to me?
Once finished- I can make the OEM style kit for you in any colors that you want or I can come up with something custom if you like.
Tracing will help in the long run. Good photos will help right now. Haha.
I have your new project samples ready to go out tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

Also I have an unused set of OEM 95 XP (720) decals to duplicate - so that kit will be available soon.
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