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In all my cars Ive had I use Seafoam to clean them out. Well I bought a 1996 XP and 1996 Spi and they guy who sold em to me said not to use it because there just so simple being a 2 stroke therefore theres no need. The internet says otherwise. What do yall think I should use to clean the carbs out and general Cleaning overall? what about Sta-bil?
the seafoam will break down the layer of lubricant left by the 2-stroke oil in your machine, and can cause things have a comeapart
Ive used stabil before without much issue for storing, but ive read quite a few threads on here stating to stay away from seafoam. Supposably it eats at the internal soft parts in the carbs. If you plan to do a fuel system clean, its generally more involved on our machines, such as making sure the ski does not have grey tempo fuel lines, they gum up the entire system and causing running issues, cleaning the fuel selector, fuel filter, cleaning the tank, and dissassembling the carbs and inspecting, cleaning and possibly replacing worn or bad internal parts.
If the ski is running fine I would advise just doings quick carb dissassemnle and clean and making sure it doesnt have the grey lines and making sure the fuel selector is clean.
There is no magic pill. Change the fuel lines if they are still gray and pull the carbs, take them apart and clean them manually. Also, clean the fuel selector valve and the water separator filter. Using seafoam is not a good idea on 2 stroke engines. It robs the engine of the lubrication it needs.

EDIT: Jeff beat me to it.
i've never used an additive.. saw no reason

clean & empty the tank of all debris,
replace fuel lines if necessary,
clean selector, clean carbs, replace fuel filters

reassemble and ride., clean gas goes in, no further problems.
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