97 speedster gauge problems

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My Speedster's fuel gauge hasn't worked since I bought it used. When not running, it always shows 1/4 tank and goes to E when started. Now, the speedo doesn't work. Any ideas on whether the issues are related or how to fix them is appreciated. Thx!
Probably not related. The common issue with dead gauges is moisture in them. The other common issue with a fuel gauge is the magnets come out of the float... or the float sinks.

Can these things be repaired or am I looking at having to replace some things?? Thx again!
On my 97, I had to replace the fuel sender in the tank......Kind of expensive, but it worked .... I have the same problem with my 2000 CHALLENGER 14 TWIN now. I am starting the tests this weekend !!!!!!
When we purchased our Challenger 2000 the fuel gauge didn't work. That was our first trip to this forum. My son found a thread listing possible problems (bad gauge, stuck float, float filled with liquid or blown fuse in sending unit). Going through the list item by item it was the sending unit. He followed the instructions and our gauge works! The cost was a zip tie used to "weld" the sending unit shut.
I dicsonnected my sending unit on top of the tank and jumpered the terminals on the plug coming from the guage. Then you turn the power on and it should go to Full.. That will tell you that the problem is in the sending Unit in the tank. Sometimes it can be repaired, but most times it takes a new sending unit.....My problem on my 2000 is in the sending Unit, so I haven't taken the time to take it out.....Good project for this winter!!!!!!
The Ohm readings should be 0 to about 15 ohms = Full ...... 89 to about 99 ohms will show empty .....Obviously, the respective levels in the iank will show readings in between....Mine in my 97 Speedster didn't do anything when I slid the float up and down with the sender reconnected, so I had to replace the sending unit with a new one ..That fixed the problem. Somes the float has a leak adn fills up and it can be repaired for a lot less than a new unit !!!!!
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