1996 GTX Exhaust Manifold hose gone


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My 1998 GTX Limited has been in storage for 13 years. I got it running but the small hose attached to the exhaust manifold has disintegrated. I cannot determine where the other end is hooked. I found a parts diagram that shows it going to the hull but does not show where on the hull. I have put the boat on the water and know that water comes out of the hose. I just need to figure out where on the hull it connects other wise it is going to fill the boat up with water. Any suggestions?
A picture of the location would be helpful. 13 years of storage..... it's gonna need a lot of love.
After further research I think this is the telltale pisser (probably not correct terminology) that connects to an outlet at the back of seat just below the tow hitch. Unfortunately, the plastic peice that the hose attaches to has broken off. If this is the telltale, could I route a new hose up to the battery breather outlet on the front right of the hull? I am using a sealed battery so this hose is unnecessary.20230901_083452.jpg
What ski do you have?
That engine is not form a 1998 GTX Limited, that is a 1996 787 engine.
No Limited in 1996 so it is just a 1996 GTX. :)
Again you are correct. It is just a 1996 GTX. I don't know where I was getting the Limited.

So, am I at least correct about the hose being the telltale pisser? Can I hook it to the outlet for the Battery breather that is on the front right of the hull? So far it is working, but have only taken it out on the water for a 15 minute test run.