1998 gtx

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    1996 GTX Exhaust Manifold hose gone

    My 1998 GTX Limited has been in storage for 13 years. I got it running but the small hose attached to the exhaust manifold has disintegrated. I cannot determine where the other end is hooked. I found a parts diagram that shows it going to the hull but does not show where on the hull. I have put...
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    1998 GTX Ltd Engine flutter sound & only 35-37 mph WOT

    My first jet ski - Just bought a used GTX Ltd. 74 hrs total, 1-owner. Starts well. When sitting at idle you can hear an engine tick or flutter kind of sound. When running wide open, only get 35-37 mph. 1st time out this year. Any ideas on flutter sound? Looks like fuel lines are gray...