exhaust manifold

  1. G

    1996 GTX Exhaust Manifold hose gone

    My 1998 GTX Limited has been in storage for 13 years. I got it running but the small hose attached to the exhaust manifold has disintegrated. I cannot determine where the other end is hooked. I found a parts diagram that shows it going to the hull but does not show where on the hull. I have put...
  2. russellb

    Exhaust manifold problems

    Is it common to have problems with the exhaust manifolds on the 4tec engines? A mechanic told me that my exhaust manifold is showing signs of failure because it is hot to the touch and should not be. This is on my 2005 RXT. Never heard of this before. Is this really a problem?
  3. J

    1997 GTI Exhaust/Overheating problem! Need help!

    I recently bought a 1997 GTI with the 717 motor. I noticed a leaky Tune Pipe and replaced that. I got the ski back on the water made it about a mile at idle and my overheat buzzer went off. Towed her home. While I was playing with the engine I noticed my tell tale was not pumping water. I pulled...