06 rxp LCD flashes on------ please help

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I have a 2006 rxp with the LCD guage cluster. When I put the key in, the entire LCD display comes on (says "welcome aboard", shows the hours, and the rpm and speedometer do their thing where they light up all the way, and then back down). Then, after about two seconds, the entire LCD goes blank and won't come back on at all. If intake the key out, and put it back in, it does the exact same thing every time. I checked all the fuses....... Please give me some suggestions!!!
I don't get any type of message!..... Do I need to take it to the dealer to get it fixed? (I live pretty far away from a seadoo shop) Could it possibly be a loose wire or something? Is there ANY chance that the entire cluster is bad since it does light up?
1 long beep indicates either you are using a key that is not programmed to that ski or the key is damaged. I say this assuming your battery is fully charged. What kind of message are you expecting?

Is there a possibility the key got switched from another ski somehow?
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Ok, thanks for your help! I just bought these two skis. One an rxp and one an rxt. I'll try switching the keys tomorrow. The other LCD doesn't work, but the screen has condensation in it. I just chalked that one up to needing replaced all together.
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