1. C-Gremlin

    05' Seadoo RXT - Info Guage Cluster Not Work

    I went to go fire up my 2005 Seadoo RXT (3 Passenger with 205 hrs) at the start of the holiday weekend (July 2nd) and had some issues right away with the info guage cluster (LCD screen + MPH+RPM Guage). See attached photo of similiar guage cluster for info. The first start attempt, I placed...
  2. Txpark

    2005 GTX gas gauge/sensor problem

    My 2005 GTX 4-tec gas gauge quit working showing full or 3/4 full all the time. I put a new OEM sensor in the tank and still have the same problem, although while the pump was out and testing the sensor, when the arm was raised all the way up, as in a full tank of gas, the low fuel light and...
  3. kilgorekb

    Fuel guage connector pinout

    My shop manual says to measure PURPLE/PINK and BLACK at the gauge plug. I unplug the connector and place multimeter leads on the specified wires (pin 1 and 3). I press the start/stop button... the relay clicks... I get 11.90V. I plug the connector back into the gauge... no reading on the...
  4. kilgorekb

    Need interpretation of fuel baffle float ohm test results

    1) Grounded out the fuel gauge. Gauge read Full. 2) Removed float. Float has fuel inside. 1 magnet has lost its zinc? coating, but it's still a magnet. 3) Performed resistance test with fuel-filled float. Set multimeter to 200 Ohm. 3a) Float at bottom = 00.1 3b) Float 1 inch from...
  5. R

    06 rxp LCD flashes on------ please help

    I have a 2006 rxp with the LCD guage cluster. When I put the key in, the entire LCD display comes on (says "welcome aboard", shows the hours, and the rpm and speedometer do their thing where they light up all the way, and then back down). Then, after about two seconds, the entire LCD goes blank...
  6. W

    1999 Sea Doo Bombardier GTX Gauge Problems

    My (left) digital gage is only partly working. I can press mode and go to all of the different modes MPH, RPM, shows 0 MPH and it will not change from 0. The rmp shows and goes up and down, the compass shows and is correct when cirection is changed. The gas gage/bars do not show. Why...
  7. D

    Guage settings for 2007 GTI SE

    How can I change the settings that are currently in mph and fahrenheit to kph and Celsius or is this a dealer only thing ?