1. BET-on-it

    1996 Seadoo XP800 Restoration Project

    Hey! Just joined the forum today as I prepare to start working on an old Seadoo that I just acquired. I ended up paying a grand for both a 96 Seadoo XP800 and a 93 Seadoo SP with a double trailer (both skis run alright so I feel relatively confident in the fact that I made a good deal)...
  2. Pagsli

    Seadoo ignition system with no spark

    Hi, if anybody is having issue with spark on there Seadoo xp or any model really I went ahead and made a really detailed video on testing it. You guys are welcome to share this video with anyone you know who’s having this issue!
  3. A

    96 XP with 787 engine - Water in lower end of engine while doing top end...

    Hi, looking for some advice. My 96XP 787 engine suddenly died at full throttle. I took apart the top end to see the damage with engine still in hull. The PTO rave valve hit the piston ring which killed the compression. No damage to piston wall, but the ring melted to the piston. Compression...
  4. S

    1996 Seadoo XP 3 Beeps

    Hi all, I had my 1996 Seadoo XP out on the water about 4 weeks ago and it hasn't been back since. That day it was running great for the first 10 mins until I shut it down. It started again but ended up bogging down and quitting. Subsequent attempts to restart resulted in it starting just for...
  5. B

    SeaDoo Hulls

    Starting at $100 without title. Starting at $200 with title. Prices vary depending on condition. Which Include 3 97' XP 1 97' SPX 1 97' GSX
  6. M

    Need advice! new to me 96 xp800 high compression

    Hi all! I recently picked up a 96 xp800, and both cylinders are registering 205# of compression. Do I need to be running av gas or will premium do? Traded an 800 dollar rifle for her non running. Replaced the fuel lines, pulled the carb, put a new battery in and she seems to run great...
  7. F

    RESTO "Double Threat" Resto - 2 x 1995 XP 800s

    Hey Guys – long time lurker, first time poster. I've been restoring watercraft for a while, but never shared on the forums. Starting a new project I thought you guys might find interesting: two 1995 XP 800s. I have a lead on a third 95 XP 800, but it’s 400 miles from my house, so I’ll be...
  8. dr.crane

    1996 seadoo xp fuel line replacement

    :seeya: hi everyone this is my first post on the forum and need some advice so i just bought this 1996 seadoo xp800 which i was told was not used very much and i knew that the gray fuel lines would need to be replaced but i thought i could get away with it for a while before getting around...
  9. JoeStrange

    Michigan 1996 Seadoo XP $400

    I dropped into MCPS today looking for a spring for my oil pump and the owner offered me a 1996 XP800 for $400 bucks instead. I went out back and checked it out and it still has grey hoses, the hull is really clean, compression test read 135 on both cylinders,needs a battery,has the VTS fix...
  10. G

    96 XP VTS removal with pics

    Hey guys, nice forum,lotsa info, sure i'll be reading and reading.Just got this ole bird today, mechanic told me VTS was seized from salt water, right he was,managed to grab one from ebay with couple mins left for $69,i'll give that a try and a new boot on the back of the shaft, which prob...