Michigan 1996 Seadoo XP $400

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I dropped into MCPS today looking for a spring for my oil pump and the owner offered me a 1996 XP800 for $400 bucks instead. I went out back and checked it out and it still has grey hoses, the hull is really clean, compression test read 135 on both cylinders,needs a battery,has the VTS fix wired up, has new fuel tank, needs a steering cable, wear ring and impeller look good and everything else is there, Its complete.

I wanted to take it right then but I just don't have the room for it. It needs work but I don't think a rebuild would have to be immediate.

They also have a 97 SPX for $400 as well and he said if you buy both you can roll out with both of them on a double trailer for 1k. I have a feeling if you buy both for $800 he'll give you the trailer.

I want the XP bad but I just can't do it, So heres where their at and I could get pics on monday if anyones interested.

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im interested in the xp if you could call me at 1734-778-9773 id appreciate it thanks

They are gone. I was the first one there at 10am on monday, and someone from canada left a deposit on saturday night, i took $1000 with me didnt even haggle, they are sitting behind the fence On the stands and one is a 96 xp but the other is a 96 spx 720. Thanks for letting us know but they went quick someone must have went after you on saturday.
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Yea sorry guys. I posted it literally a few hours after finding out about them and someone was damn quick to buy them obviously. In the sand? They were on stands on Friday.
Well since we were the first ones there, we were next in line if the canadian didnt show. He had until 7 pm to pick it up before we would get them tommorow. Since had had a deposit he had first shot, well he showed up to pick them up at 6:45 pm. He cut it close but is going home with them. Thanks alot Joe for the heads up. If you come across anything else like this let me know, i will give you a finders fee lol
I sure will man. Sorry it didn't work out, I thought they would be there for the taking for sure but they went FAST.

I know I could have had that XP running in a week and re sold it and doubled or even tripled my money on it. Shoot, I could have doubled up by just parting it out hahaha, Thats what I was thinking when I checked it out.
It was pure chance reading the forums around 7 a.m Saturday. Many many thanks to Joe, i'm the Canuck who was lucky enough to take home these two girls. Never been to MCPS, but that itself was worth the trip. Everyone was great to deal with. Can't say enough. My 4 year old already calls the spx "his" when he gets older.
Wow, Thats cool and thats why I put it up! You were all over it! I know some things about your XP but I never even looked at the SPX. Did you get the trailer too? Or did you bring your own?

First things first, Get those gray fuel lines swapped out and rebuild that carb, Your impeller and wear ring looked good.
It must have been right place right time :)

I ended up leaving the trailer as i was uncertain about border crossing, and having to pay the RIV on it. So i brought my own double. Both ski's are complete, and in surprising shape. The grey fuel lines are on their way out, and both carbs are being pulled. You are right about the pump and prop. Both ski's had clean units. They are being pulled as well, a close friend just sheared his impeller shaft due to no oil in the housing. The spx has a dead battery, but a quick plug inspection shows it was running recently. No compression numbers yet. Both have updated fuel tanks, still oil injected. One supposedly has a cracked pipe? But i haven't dug that deep. Have you actually seen the xp running? Anything i should know..or may have missed. Help is always appreciated!
Lol liquid you sure cut it close. They called me as soon as they were loading them on your trailer, they said they got all types of people calling them, Carl the sales manager said every now and then he takes in turds as a trade and sells them cheap. I made sure i let him know to call me the next time he gets a "turd" in lol I was going to take the trailer too.
That's hilarious, they have witnessed the power of Seadooforum and the interwebz to quickly sell what they consider "Turds"

I thought they were great fixer uppers, everyone I told about them said "why didn't you call me?" I'm on the forums all day anyways of course i'm gonna come home and post it! lol

Well I have faith that you'll be racing around on your new turds fairly quickly!
I am in Michigan and looking for parts for 3 1991 XPs I own. Not trying to hi-jack the thread - thought I would give it a shot since its from Michigan.