1. T

    Where can I splice wire for power to new lights?

    I have a 2007 Utopia 205 and want to add some lights, an underwater light in the rear and lights in the air vents. I want to add 2 switches on the dash, I would like to add switches that match the existing ones but there’s it enough room so I’m going to add some small ones. Where can I get the...
  2. M

    Help on wear ring/impeller - 2001 Seadoo Utopia 185

    Help needed guys. I got a 2001 Seadoo Utopia. Rebuilt the engine with a buddy and all was great until we sucked up a couple of big rocks and well, that's that. My questions are: 1. Do these Utopias use a regular wear ring like the jet skis? I've heard different answers and these boats aren't...
  3. cymertony

    Adjusting Low Speed Control on Utopia w/200 Opti

    I am assuming all the Mercury powered Sea Doo boats have the low speed steering control, which increases engine speed from idle when the steering wheel is full right or full left (to help with maneuvering when docking or trailering). When I first bought my boat in 2021 it only worked when...
  4. L

    Looking for part 7-5930 lining kit for Utopia 185 (2005)--shift boot. Should I sell the boat once fixed?

    I need to locate a "lining kit" (shift boot?) for my 2005 SeaDoo Utopia 185. I've located aftermarket throttle and reverse cables, which need replacing, but not this final needed part. Marina mechanic says it's #7-5930, "lining kit," an obsolete SeaDoo/Bombardier part that's no longer...
  5. Tugboat62

    2005 SeaDoo 205se Utopia with 240 - solid alarm after idle

    I just bought this boat (in May) and have had a persistent problem if i idle it (to get out canals to river) after about 20 minutes it will sound a constant alarm (like overheating) but the head temp is never above 135 degrees and exhaust manifolds are around 120. The engine will not let itself...
  6. 1

    Help please! Cavitation issue

    Impeller and wear ring question: Last week I had a rock stuck between the shaft and the intake grate I have the original grate that opens. I was able to take it out from the intake grate and I thought I got lucky since it didn’t go through to the impeller. My boat is cavitating now and not...
  7. J

    Thinking about buying a 2008 utopia 205 SE

    Looking into buying a 2008 utopia Se with twin 155 Rotax engines. Are these boats still reliable? Is buying engine and boat replacement prices easy to find and buy? Is 120 hours on the engine a lot? I don’t know much about boats so any advice on going about looking at this boat would be...
  8. N

    Anyone know what this is?

    Found this boat online but the guy is saying Bombardier is the mode. Not sure he understands what I’m asking. Looks maybe like a utopia? He says it’s a ‘02. Any thoughts on what exactly it is and if it’s a good option? I’ve heard many things about these engines but I’m not sure if it would be...
  9. J

    2005 Utopia 205

    Had a leak where the depth finder is. Drained the battery. Installed new battery, now no accessories (Horn, blower, bilge pump) will work. Dash is completely dark. Is there a reset on the system wil there is no power to the boat for 10 min?? Any advance is greatly appreciated.
  10. S

    Seadoo Utopia 205 SE RPM Issue

    Hi all, I am new to the Seadoo family and forum. I have recently purchased a 2006 Seadoo Utopia 205 SE, it has twin rotax engines at 310HP. The problem I am trying to solve has to do with my throttle. On the lake when I am near full throttle (around 40-45mph), my Seadoo's right engine RPMs...
  11. A

    Utopia Bow Cover wanted | Clarion Upgrade help

    Hello. Just pulling the 2006 Utopia 205 out of extended storage and hoping to find some community support. 1) Where is the cheapest place to replace my lost Utopia 205 bow cover? 2) What's the best solution to replace the outdated Clarion M255 for something compatible with an iPhone 7?
  12. J

    2003 Utopia 185 200 Hp Merc Optimax vs. 2004 Utopia 205 250 hp

    Hi All, I am sure everyone will tell me this type of questions is already in forum but this is my first time here and hoping to get some good experienced Utopia boaters to help me. Looked at lots of bowriders but now thinking jetboat might be more fun and easier in and out of water, etc...
  13. M

    2006 Utopia 205 - electrical issues

    I just got a 2006 Utopia 205. Ran well when I was inspecting it. Then towed it for about 6 hours. Put it in the water. Started fine right away and ran great. Turned it off, then it wouldn't turn back on again. Battery is fine but something is intermittent. Fan runs, then 30 seconds later nothing...
  14. O

    Lower Unit Service (impeller, etc)

    Hi there, I was on here some time ago and found an awesome post with great instructions on how to take apart the lower unit on my 2001 Utopia 185 with the 210 Mercury engine. I can't find the post anymore and can't find the file I downloaded. I'm not overly mechanically inclined but have...
  15. UKGlenn

    Utopia 240hp M2 EFi Rev counter not working and Speedo intermittant

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has had the following faults before I start wading through the manuals and at the very least be able to point me in the right area. The Rev counter on my Seadoo Utopia 205 M2 efi doesn't work and the speedo intermittantly comes to life. Sounds like a...
  16. M

    SeaDoo Utopia - electrical issue

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Utopia 185. Had an issue starting recently. No power at all. It had sat for two weeks so I expected it to be the battery. Took the battery out, charged overnight. Put it back in. At first, fan worked but engine still didn't even try to turn over. Made sure it's properly in...
  17. mdchachi

    Ready to purchase boat, need advice

    Hello I'm a newbie to boating in general, not only Sea Doo. I'm looking at two boats and I will likely buy one of them so I appreciate any and all advice you may have. First is a 2001 Utopia 185. Very low hours. Not sure how low but the guy (original owner) says he hasn't even gone...
  18. J

    2008 SeaDoo Utopia 205 SE 430hp - Throttle Shifter handle broke in two!

    We purchased a 2008 SeaDoo Utopia 205 SE 430hp last month. My throttle has always seemed a bit stiff, both in forward and reverse, but a couple of days ago, I guess the stress on the handle proved too much and the throttle/shifter handle broke in half! I went online to see about buying a new...
  19. gioakjoe

    Front seat as a ice chest

    So awhile back I decided to use my front starboard side storage bin as a ice chest, instead of bringing on a separate ice chest to get in the way. Well this worked for a while but I hit a bad wave this weekend and it tore completely off i guess from the weight of the drinks and ice... so as a...
  20. N

    Most Wanted used Sport Boats?

    When you look at the used SeaDoo boats on the market you see a lot of Speedsters and Challengers but very few Utopia's. Any opinions as to why that is? I know the Utopia is more expensive new. My guess is that SeaDoo probably sold a lot less of them. Does a Utopia owner just tend to hold on...