1. R

    RXPX260 error code p1120 and p2620 after +6800 rpm

    Hi, i have an RXPX260 and i have a problem, my pwc works Ok, but when i pull it to +6800 rpm (aprox), get a long biiiiiiip and then the check engine light and the engine blocks in 2000 rpm (aprox) The diags code are p1120 and p2620. anybody knows whats happening? thanks.
  2. johnhibbs

    Redneck TPS sensor replacement

    My TPS sensor just went out for the second time on my 2001 Challenger. As a temporary fix I'm getting one of these from Ebay: SLIDE POTENTIOMETER ALPS 20K LINEAR I will cut off the wires to the TPS and run the three wires from the engine to the drivers seat somewhere and duct tape the pot...
  3. T

    2000 Merc 240 EFI aftermarket throttle position sensor

    Hello Everyone. I am new to the formus, but not to jet boats. I built one in high school (9ft. w/ 82 hp snowmobile engine) to my present Seadoo 2001 Challenger 2000 w/ Merc 240 EFI. I have a bad TPS. Erratic resistance (unplugged) through all rotation. This TPS had been replaced 3 years ago...
  4. G

    Anyone in melb with a seadoo fault scanner?

    Hi all, just wanting to know if there's anyone in Melbourne with a seadoo computer programmer that can help me check for fault codes and 0 my TPS sensor? Preferably western side. cheers
  5. Q

    Throttle Problem

    MY 2010 RXT 215 took a crap today, so to speak. It started the day just fine, but after two runs it decided it didn't want to go anymore. It threw three fault codes at me, and the ski wouldn't go above 7 mph. I would squeeze the throttle and the ski would go from Idle to about 2500 RPMs and just...
  6. A

    2000 240 Islandia Dies in Mid Throttle.

    This is my first season with the boat. I but it in the water. Idles great. Throttle to 2500 is stable and smooth. Above this it dies like no fuel. Starts right back up at idle. If you power quickly thru the idle to full the boat powers up to 5-6 K and on plane will hold smooth power for...
  7. L

    2000 Merc 240EFI TPS Adjustment

    Does anyone know what color leads I need to test between for the TPS adjustment? They are orange, blue and brown. I need to check my adjustment. Thanks Jason
  8. tedc


    Islandia with a Merc Performace Problem My problem in short: My Throttle Position Sensor in my 01 islandia went bad at a time Mercury was not supplying them. I don't know if they ever got that issue resolved. A mechanic took a Sensor out of a Mercury 150 outboard and rigged the harness...
  9. johnhibbs

    Need TPS for 240EFI M2 engine, Merc

    The part number is 14851004 or 148512. This is the TPS for a 240EFI jet boat. The year is either 2000 or 2001. Part doesn't need to be new. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)