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Islandia with a Merc Performace Problem

My problem in short:

My Throttle Position Sensor in my 01 islandia went bad at a time Mercury was not supplying them. I don't know if they ever got that issue resolved.

A mechanic took a Sensor out of a Mercury 150 outboard and rigged the harness so that it would fit my 240 and it solved my problem. I'm pretty sure it was at this time my boat got slower and started getting bad gas milage but pretty soon after this I sucked up an intake grate tine and had to get a new impeller. This confused me as to what my problem was. But my boat is slower than it used to be!

So my quetion is... Are all Merc TPS's the same or could putting a TPS off of an outboard 150 make my 240 run slower and get worse gas milage?

I'm not sure what all a TPS does other than just adust the mixture.

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